Thursday, 1 January 2009

If You Needed Proof, Here It Is!

If you were in any doubt who is in charge of our (so called ) justice system, this article should provide all the proof you need.

This once proud sovereign nation no longer has the legal right to determine what to do with prisoners accused of murder.

I sincerely hope that the next administration takes whatever steps are necessary to get OUT of the EUSSR and the ECHR and every other supra-national fucking institution making a mockery of Great Britain. Oh, and if they want to cast the fucking Jocks adrift, so much the better.

The Penguin


Tractor Stats said...

The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS Des Groseilliers twice rammed the Scottish Mainland today. The Coast Guard had ordered Scotland not to approach the area where seals are being slaughtered. When the Scottish Mainland did not comply, the Coast Guard rammed the Mainland near Leith Docks aft stern area. After the Scottish Mainland stopped in the ice, the Coast Guard rammed the ship a second time in the same area of the Mainland causing damage to the Highlands in that area.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

China is sending three warships to the used-to-be-Somalia pirate patrol. Let us hope that what is left of the Royal Navy assists those ships to deal with any survivors of extreme prejudice.
Seems any pirate/outlaw/terrorist/criminal once on board a RN ship would enjoy those same human rights, the Chinese would not put up with such bollox.
Shot to the back of the head, harvest the good bits, invoice to the X-family more like.