Sunday, 4 January 2009

Watch Out!! Coming To A Town Near You...

Terrible News!!

It seems that the great gurning snot gobbler is setting out to visit parts of the country affected by the global credit crunch ( made in America, nothing to do with Gordon). He plans to travel by train (well, he may still be able to afford to, the over paid cunt) and stay in "local hotels".

Sadly he'll have plenty of security with him, so you won't get much chance to show him how much you appreciate him in any meaningful way.

So, if you are really unlucky, the Curse of Jonah will be with you soon.

That's sure to bring the recession home to your little town.

The Penguin

PS He has apparently refused a kind offer by Mrs Beckett of the use of her caravan on his travels, preferring to waste taxpayers money on hotels, the ungrateful greedy cunt.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

A couple of years ago my city was blessed with a speeding fleet of black windowed 4X4s and limousines escorted by motorcycle outriders complete with blues 'n' twos, stopping traffic and generally making a nuisance of themselves.
They were seen in various places but ended up at the railway station which was bedecked in tastefully expensive purple and black balloonage.
I assumed that it was someone important like Prince Charles or Nelson Mandela but my local rag informed me the following day that it was fat cunt Prescott ( then Deputy Prime Minister For Carving Up England ) on a private visit to the local Labour party HQ.