Sunday, 4 January 2009

Getting Away With Murder - Again!

Following on from the highly publicised shooting of an innocent electrician on an underground train, comes this disturbing report of yet another inadequate investigation by the supposedly Independent Police Complaints Commission. Shows they are nothing of the sort, and that the Plod are literally getting away with murder, time after time.

Dixon of Dock Green?

The Penguin


I hate Vista said...

It's so depressing 10 years ago any one of these items, you have posted today, would have been front page news on all forms of the media for at least a week. Now why is it one has to sort through the internet to find them? Far to much power to the public sector, giving them abilities to suppress the results of their greed and incompetence.
On an uplifting note, tip for future investments, piano wire manufacturers.

The Penguin said...

How much a year does this government of all the talentless spend on Spin? Was it £16 billion I saw reported somewhere? They're getting value for money on news management if fuck all else!

JuliaM said...

"On 21 August last year Mr Rigg became disturbed after suffering a breakdown. Staff at his hostel made six 999 calls from around 5pm, asking for help in taking Mr Rigg to a place of safety. The police refused to attend."

Wha...? How, exactly, can the police refuse to attend a 999 call about a known mental case, especially when called by his carers (who'd be expected to have some experience in the field)?

They never seen to have any problems turning up in droves for 'person seen with home made sci fi articles' or 'man showing woman dirty pictures on bus'...

I hate Vista said...

Or indeed a shadow minister of the opposition. For the henious crime of doing his job.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

What a sad, sad story.

Just another very good reason why people have lost so much respect for the police.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Wha...? How, exactly, can the police refuse to attend a 999 call about a known mental case"
The reason for that is because he was already in a Place Of Safety.
Some while back a local taxi driver took a clearly disturbed passenger to the police station hoping they could take care of/look after him.
The duty sergent could not take him into custody 'for his own safety' since he was already in a Safe Place ( viz, the Police Station ). He had to let him wander off down the street and informally advise a patrol car coming in for their snap to look out for him behaving oddly.
That particuler chap ended up in a local mental health facility rather than being beaten to death by the fuzz.

I was inclined to congratulate the indie for this story until toward the end they tried to spin it as racism rather then straightforward neglect or murder.

EyeCare said...

The IPCC failure to act appropriately is tantamount to condoning poor behaviour and provides no deterrent , giving rise to greater and likely worse abuses within constabularies. However, possibly the ‘rules’ within which they work need to be considered too; complain about the Met’ and MPS DPS officers investigate. Complain about MPS DPS officers and who handles the complaint ... yep, it is passed directly to MPS DPS to investigate who will ... likely investigate you!
At present the IPCC appears poorly led and badly staffed, likely spending most of their time justifying their own actions. But why take my word:
family hit out:
Crisis as ipcc lawyers resign
IPCC delays, rejections and basic failures
IPCC erred:
Mendez whitewash:
Because …
“You know the score, pal. If you're not cop, you're little people” (Decker) Bladerunner