Sunday, 1 February 2009

This Would Not Happen To A Muslim!

A nurse has been suspended and is facing further disciplinary action for the heinous crime of offering to pray for an elderly patient, who appparently was not offended but was worried that someone else might have been offended.

Guess what? The nurse is not a Muslim.

The Penguin

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The Scumbag said...

Trouble is that this woman has form for evangelising her patients (further down the article she was dishing out prayer cards last year); so she was warned off doing it again (for better or worse).

Agreed that if she hadn't been Christian she'd not have got into trouble; but she's either stupid or a bit of a missionary to keep doing it in the face of (misguided and possibly reactionary) bosses telling her to stop.
But "failing to demonstrate commitment to diversity and equality"?? Maybe she should have offered to let them select from the following
1) Pray for them
2) Not pray for them
3) Bang a tamborine for them
4) Build a kibbutz for them
5) Whip them ritually
6) Wear a veil for them
She would have been safe