Friday, 6 February 2009

Just As Well She's Got A Face You'd Never Tire Of Slapping!

I'm sorry, but the only way to describe our useless Home Economics Secretary is pathetic.

Faced with a tsumani of knife crime, the best she can come up with is to have shops display notices proclaiming that they will ask for proof of ID if they think the prospective purchaser of a knife is under 18.

For Fuck's Fucking Sake, this domestic science (cookery!) teacher turned politician is dafter than a barrel full of fucking frogs spawn.

These kids are not wasting their money down John Lewis picking out a Sabatier. They don't need to, there's a fucking selection to choose from for fucking free in the kitchen. Or a Stanley Knife and Chisels in the garage.

Oh, and I think the plod in the picture with sad Jacqui is her failed "Knife Czar" who is about to retire from the Metropolitan Police Farce ( Motto: "We Shoot To Kill" ) on a massive pension following 30 years of keeping his nose clean, only to walk into a new post training senior officers for even more senior roles, whilst clocking up more pension rights along with a handsome salary and perks package. Obviously this is more important than tackling knife crime, especially as it seems the vast number of victims and culprits are black.

The Penguin


Tory Poppins said...

Bravo! Although there is indeed another way to describe our useless Home Economics secretary:


Bob's Head Revisited said...

She really is a shrill clueless trout, isn't she?

So, a 16yo gang member fancies knifing another gang member because he dissed him:
"Ooh we're right out of knives. Better just pop down to John Lewis and pick one up. It's on the way, anyway."
"Hey, no, man, you can't. They are asking for ID."
"Oh no! I tell you what, let's not kill him."
"Right. Now, let's knuckle down and get that bally homework done!"
You're on, Bro!"

Could work.

Fidothedog said...

Well the warnings make me want to stab her, or is it just Jacqui's bovine face staring blankly into space?...

Henry North London said...

Has she not heard of mail order or internet shopping?

It is very easy to get decent knives

jean Patrique sell a fabulous selection

Time warp..

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Will this be before or after the mad cow introduces 'clothing ASBOs ' banning individuals from wearing certain types of clothes and gang insignia, hoodies, bandanas and suchlike.
Like that's gonna work too.

Lock the fuckers up you daft twat, better still, cull them or let them cull each other in a Cullinary ( geddit, Home Economist ! ? )

Go Right Young Man! said...

Yeah, but notice the not so subtle link to ID. That will be trotted out as another justification for imposing the hated "HM Prison England" ear-tags on us. ID is essential to stop knife crime, blah, blah.

Posing for that ridiculous photograph shows just how the once dignified positions of Home Secretary and Police Top Brass have been degraded to puerile shite by the occupying forces of scotch leftofascism.