Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jacqui Smith, Unfit For Purpose (Again)

Just what is Jacqui Smith, our Home Economics Secretary actually good for apart from sucking greedily on the public teat?

Latest embarrassment over not deporting illegal immigrants
follows the revelations over her dodgy lodgings allowances, and shows that the Home Office, even with it's hugely reduced remit from when it was one of the great departments of state, is absolutely useless. But then, fishes rot from the head, so hardly a surprise.

However, she's a great and loyal sucker-up to The Supreme Unelected Leader, so there's every chance she won't be sacked. Although she may well have to go on her knees before The Great Saviour Of The World a few times to be sure.

I hope she does well enough at that to keep her job. She is such a good advertisment for all that is incompetent, self-serving, and corrupt about NuLiebore.

The Penguin

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