Monday, 9 February 2009

Just How Clever Has Jacqui Really Been?

The other day I thought that our much admired Home Economics Secretary had actually been diligent and efficient in maxing out her tax free allowances from the trough.

Now I'm not so sure.

Over the 12 years since 1997 at the average rate of her additional living allowance claim she has trousered £232,000 whilst kipping in her sister's spare room when in London as opposed to at home with loving (paid for) husband, who kindly writes supportive letters to local papers whilst failing to mention that he's married to the kebab stuffer.

Now, back in 1997 before the massive house price inflation stoked by the Prudent Chancellor, she could have picked up a nice little house for less than that within easy waddle of the Houses of Parliament, and have used that £232,000 to pay off both the mortgage on the London property and help towards the family home in the West Midlands. And then when she comes to leave Parliament, she could sell the London property and make a handsome profit.

And she could have done that without any fuss being made at all, even though it is still an unfair perk that our politicians have awarded themselves at our expense.

So I now think she's demonstrated not only a complete lack of moral fibre, but a complete failure to understand "second home economics".

The Penguin