Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Another Triumph For Justice My Hairy Fucking Arse!

Don't get me wrong, I have lost most of the respect that I used to have for our Police "Service" thanks to the likes of ACPO and "Sir" Ian Bliar.

But there do remain dedicated old style coppers out there trying to do a decent job. Sadly they don't seem to be very valued by the management, as this stupid stupid story demonstrates.

Questions I'd like answered:

Was the decision to proceed with the "investigation" and "prosecution" second time around because they thought he "got away with it" in 2002 - even though the scrote had previous and was found guilty?

Who complained? - notably not the thug!

Why was this complaint not just laughed at?

Why was the prosecution proceeded with when the only other witnesses apart from the uncomplaining thug were deemed to be "for the defence" to such an extent that the case collapsed because the thug was on the run from another case?

Why was the (serially offending) thug given bail for that offence?

Why did it take so long to get to court?

Why was this 30 year copper being persecuted? Had he refused to join the masons, or given a speeding ticket to the Chief Cuntstable's floozy?

I do hope our Justice Minister is proud of the system he has helped create.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

He is also busy suppressing information. The Gestapo were bloody samaritans by comparison.

Van Helsing said...

Straw may have made the worst mistake of his life.
He's going to need bill like this in the coming months, instead he's neutered them. The result a force full of cowardly pen pushers and cock suckers. These are not people that will stand between the politicians and the mob. they will be legging it down the road and ditching the uniform.
I think I'll pull up a seat, get some popcorn and a couple of tinnies. Some things you just can't pay for.

Cato said...

It's fairly apparent reading between the lines that he was grassed up by another police officer.

You have to remember that officers now are trained (brainwashed) into reporting anything that another officer does which they think is wrong. If they don't report it they too can get done for not reporting.

Dixon of Dock Green must be turning in his grave. It's certainly not the same job that I did for so long.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The most telling part of that report
"Staffordshire Police launched an investigation following an anonymous tip-off. "

This is what happens when we become a snitch on your neighbour society.
Jack and his pals must be very pleased to have infected the Police but I wonder if anybody talks to PC Grass in th canteen ?