Thursday, 12 February 2009

Boris Speaks His Mind

Overheard, a telephone conversation in the Mayor of London's office.

"Look, you garlic-smelling corrupt little turd, I fucking told you that I didn't tell Cameron a fucking thing about the proposed arrest of Damian Green by that fat cunt Inspector Knackered. And now you've got the fucking cheek to question my integrity? What is that if it is not taking the fucking piss? From you of all greasy shifty cock-suckers? What about the Filkin findings, your suspension from the House? Your intereference in judicial proceedings? Your ugly wife's helping illegal immigrants, and the both of you greasing round that pretend solicitor? They should have fucking sacked you years ago! Now just fuck right off and crawl back under a stone, you cunt!"

I wonder who he was talking to?

The Penguin


basementcat said...

Apparently, Keith Vaz...

Spartan said...

At last! ... this is how DC should be at PMQ's with the one-eyed idiot.
lt would be soooooo refreshing!

Go on, Boris!!!