Monday, 9 February 2009

Should Slippery Jack Get His Share Of The Blame?

One of the things that contributed to the murder of Peter Connelly was that the Social Services Department at Haringey Council were under pressure over the costs of going to Court to get the necessary order to remove Peter from his parent. The hike in council fees for proceedings since May 2008, from £150 to up to £4,825, deterred authorities from taking out cases.

Who was responsible for this hike? Our much admired Justice Minister, Slippery Weasel Jack Straw, also recently in the news for his forgetfulness over dodgy donations and his corrupt and sleazey friends.

You can just imagine the meetings at the hugely expensively refurbished Palace Of Justice.

"But minister, this increase is bound to adversely impact the numbers of cases that Social Services departments can afford to bring to court. We may actually see a fall in court fees!"

"Only until some child gets killed. Then there'll be a big increase, you wait and see. Oh, and when it all kicks off, it'll be Ed Balls in the shit, so an added bonus. Just get on with it."

"Yes, minister."

What's that you say? I'm too cynical? Well, do you know what a cynic is? It's an experienced optimist.

The Penguin

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Sue said...

Sadly, I have become as cynical as you. I used to be such a nice person :)

I wouldn't put anything past this government (or most politicians for that matter).