Friday, 27 February 2009

Voldemort Has Made A Serious Mistake

Oh happy days! The Dark Lord of The Spin, Voldemort of Boys and Sleazepool, has completely missed one very serious problem in his attempts to part-privatise the Royal Mail.

The Brothers are dead set against it.

Still a bastion of militant Spanish Practices and fervently socialist, they are not at all impressed by the 180 degree U-turn on the manifesto commitment not to privatise the Royal Mail and thereby risk their embedded privileges and feather-bedding. Of course, those at the top of the Union Tree have the most to lose and so are the most vociferous.

Threats are being issued about stopping funding, and withdrawing help and co-operation in terms of leafletting and so on in the upcoming EUSSR elections. The Posties bung the NuLiebore Party about a million quid a year, almost enough for a Peerage if Tone were still in charge. Gordon hands them out for different reasons, though, and giving Mandy one may yet prove to be fatal.

Because, as the dodgy Glenrothes by-election proves, NuLiebore are very very dependent upon the "Postal Vote".

And who do they think delivers this for them? There's a clue in the name!

The Penguin

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