Thursday, 12 February 2009

Official Launch Of New LabourScum Blogsite

Rab C. Nesbitt and his wife Mary were pictured at the launch party of his new blog, Labourscum.blot

No one else bothered going.

The Penguin


Dennis said...

The inkblot on his CV gets bigger by the minute. Haven't chuckled so much in ages.

I'm no fan of the Mail, but I urge everyone to get over there and kick the silly bastard while he's down.

The Penguin said...

Comment left there:

It's dire. Lord Voldemort claimed he'd answer our questions and then didn't. Then censorship was imposed. There's a mirror-image site at which carries the articles and DOES allow comment and debate, although none of the Labour Hierarchy who write the articles ever join in, they don't seem to understand blogs or debates. They just want to issue press releases and have apparatchiks like "Bob The Knob" Roberts praise them.

The Creator said...

Somewhat beside the point I know but I saw a jolly good film the other day. It was called March of the Penguins.

Were you in it? I am pretty sure I spotted you.

The Penguin said...

I was the star, naturally. Then my youngest went on to "Happy Feet" to great critical acclaim.

The Penguin said...

Oh, and my cousin was the original model for Pingu.

The Penguin

Tory Poppins said...

Which is which??
Fucking idiot

The Creator said...

Ah, a family of thespians. Jolly good. In fact, I heard a rumour the other day that your grandfather was in the 1948 film of Scott of the Antarctic. Apparently it wasn't a speaking part, more of an extra to be honest. But he did, I'm told, get John Mills's autograph. Was he in in any other films after that?

By the way, do you understand Tory Poppins's comment above? Bit mystifying, no?

The Penguin said...

Not so far as I am aware, but in the 70's my uncle's dog almost got a part in Scott of The Arse Antics, but turned it down when he realised he was going to be shot. You can't trust pillow biters, especially liberal ones.

As to Poppins comment, I am mystified, as it is obvious that Rab is the ugly cunt on the left.