Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Three Generations Of Useless Chavs, Now Official

Oh dear, some one's gone and admitted it!

We now have second and third generations of useless ill educated work shy feral chavs breeding like rats and costing the taxpayer a fortune through various benefits and the drain and strain they place on social services, the plod, the NHS, the fire brigade, and even the army of pen pushers paying them their benefits. And largely thanks to the liberal PC guardianistas and their stupid equality agenda fucking up an education system that may have had flaws but which worked well in providing the Grammar School ladder out of poverty enjoyed by so many of them but which they chose to deny to others.

This is not just some headline seeking tabloid journalist, this is an ex-head teacher who was on a government taskforce.

He'd better not go walking in any woods any time soon.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

He will be fine as chavs don't read so will be unaware of his words.

The Penguin said...

He's in no danger from the chavs, I was referring to the displeasure of the government machine and the strange death of Dr David Kelly.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Mr Surman, 43, a national executive member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers"
Not for long, once The Righteous Inapproriatte get their knives out.

Let's not forget that these three generations of workless chavs are the fault of both parties. They colluded to put the rump of the working class on sick benefit to avoid having to pretend to retrain them and in the hopes that they would simply die off.
But they didn't die off, they bred, with the result that we see today.