Friday, 6 February 2009

What The Hungarian Adulterer Running France Said

"The British chose a recovery plan by boosting consumer spending, notably by cutting VAT by two per cent. The idiots! It is plain to see that it has brought absolutely no progress. In fact is has made things worse!

When the English decided to cut VAT by two per cent, a certain number of politicians rushed to tell me that I should do the same. Since then, not only has consumption in England not gone up, it continues to go down.

The reason is simple: because it's in people's heads. If the consumer no longer consumes, he won't change just because we add or subtract one VAT point, it's because he's scared for his future, he's scared for his job and says to himself: 'I must save, because bad times are coming and that Scottish cunt is still in charge'.

In France, we chose investment because when we put France into debt by taking money to invest, in return we have assets, infrastructure. When you put your country into debt to pay for operating costs, you have nothing in return for your debt and you ruin the country. Just like that Gordon Brown in Angleterre!

If the English did that it's because they don't have any industry left. Gordon Brown cannot do what I am doing with carmakers, in construction and other industries, because they haven't got any left. All they have is big government with a mad one eyed snot gobbler in charge, mon dieu, it is amazing! Did you see the way he dribbled all over Carla? Disgusting! And he smells of piss!"

The Penguin


Cato said...

Love the French accent!! Oh yes!

The Penguin said...

I typed it whilst whistling "Three German Officers crossed the line, Parlez Vous!"

What more could I do?