Thursday, 26 February 2009

Lying Cunt - No Surprise

"I'm alright, me!"

Sir Fred "The Shred" Goodwin lied about his rather generous pension arrangements.

When giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on February 10, Sir Fred said: "'My pension is the same as everyone else in the bank who is in a defined benefit pension scheme.

It is determined in the same way as anyone else."

One does wonder how many other employees of RBS can start pulling down £693,000 a year at age 50 having been asked to resign for recklessly pursuing sales growth and deals and ignoring risk and liabilities? Isn't Parliament the highest court in the land, so that lying to a Select Committee is in fact Perjury? String the bastard up, milud!

Meanwhile the useless Badger witters on about doing things and m'learned friends will get yet more taxpayers' money trying to unpick and rewrite Sir Fred's contract of employment.

He'll probably qualify for legal aid to try and prevent this!

The Penguin


subrosa said...

Nae wunner he's smilin'.

Oldrightie said...

These are the gangsters who have ruined the UK's and much of the Western World's economies. They'll be in the Cabinet before long.

jon said...

what a cunt

Anonymous said...

Praise where its due!

If Fred manages to bind the concept of Pension to Performance, then all those elected Troughers are due for a miserable retirement.