Friday, 13 February 2009

If You Made It Up, No One Would Believe It

"Hector Sants, smug overpaid useless twat who runs (sic) the FSA"

Just one day after The Great Unelected Saviour Of The World, the most brilliant Chancellor of The Exchequer in all History, Our Piss-Stained Prime Mentalist Jimmy Gordon McBroon, claimed that he was going to clamp down on bankers getting bonuses that they did not deserve, what happens?

The Financial Service Authority declares it is handing out £33 MILLION in bonuses to its staff.
Now, remind yourself, the FSA is the watchdog that didn't bark or bite. The HBOS whistleblower told us that they ignored his concerns because they like a quiet life. There's 2,800 of them, and if you fucking shot the lot you'd never notice that they weren't there, except you'd be saving a shed load of tax payers money.

The Penguin


Obnoxio The Clown said...


Sue said...

As each day passes I awaken wondering what will occur in the world of politics that will either make me laugh, cry or leave me gobsmacked.

Someone ought to take notes and make a soap opera out of UK politics!

It's better than TV!

Antipholus Papps said...

They are getting their bonuses because they have successfully fulfilled the aims of their criminal conspiracy.

Umbongo said...

But Penguin, don't you realise that unless the FSA paid all these financial geniuses a bonus they would be poached by . . . er . . . well, nobody actually. After all, who else would employ somebody who is so obviously incompetent they couldn't make it in the services they're supposed to oversee?

It's the same with the CPS: lawyers with ability wouldn't demean themselves by joining.