Monday, 23 February 2009

The Man Who Saved The World

In a poll in "Hello" magazine to vote for the 100 most influential and inspiring people in the world, one might have expected that the Great Saviour, Unelected Bottler and Bogey Gobbling Trouser Pisser from Fife would feature highly, since everyone is busy following his lead in saving the world from the Global Credit Crunch that Started In America.

If not number one, which was bound to go to Barak Obama, surely he'd be a close second?

I mean, who could not be inspired by his straight forward honesty and courage? Who could fail to be influenced by his steadfast adherence to the moral principles instilled by his upbringing and the way he has ensured that he NuLiebore Party is free from the taint of corruption and sleaze? Who could not be thrilled by the power and beauty of his vision of British Jobs For British Workers? What right-thinking person could fail to recognise how he was getting on with the job rather than courting headlines, fawning on celebrities for photo-opportunities, or indulging in petty party political point-scoring and spin?

Oddly enough, the Fearty From Fife didn't make the top ten.

He didn't make the grade at all
. So no change there, the sad wanker.

The Penguin


The Creator said...

Just goes to show that Hello magazine is indeed the world's leading periodical, deeply serious and wise. I once read a VERY interesting feature about 'Sir' Cliff Richard's house in it, too. Enlightening stuff.

Sue said...

He must realise he is despised, surely? How can he possibly avoid the insults, especially in his piece in The Guardian yesterday, there were pages of rants!

I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in an institution one day (preferably sooner than later).

Oldrightie said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in an institution one day (preferably sooner than later).

23 February 2009 12:41

Not until the truth dawns on him, please.

Anonymous said...

Oh give over, do.

I bow to no-one in my contempt for El Gordo, but this poll was organised by Hello magazine (motto - lightweight pish for airheads) and features various "celebs", and former has-beens who got lucky by seducing the president of France.

If you take this rubbish seriously, I have a bridge for sale, which you may be interested in.

The Penguin said...

How big, and how much?

microdave said...

"I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in an institution one day "

What, exactly, does it take to have someone sectioned under the Mental Health Act? Is there any possibility this could be done with Gordo?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Damn, my Delete Gordon Brown Filtering software isn't working !