Friday, 27 February 2009

MoD Bonuses - More Dead In Afghanistan

Where are the politicians when the bodies come home?

Nice to know that the Ministry Of Defence are to dish out over £50 MILLION in bonuses for their hard working an efficient civil servants. You know, the civil servants whose penny pinching ineptitude sent our soldiers into harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan with the wrong equipment or not enough or good enough equipment. So much so that they ended up being called "The Borrowers" by the Americans who had to try to make up some of the shortfall.

How much per dead soldier or airman is £50 MILLION?

The Penguin


Sue said...

As each day passes, a new scandalous story like this appears. What is going on??

Van Helsing said...

Civil Servants either do their job or they don't, they get paid for that. What we should be doing is sacking the ones who don't. No need for bonuses. I don't get a bonus for doing my job. I don't see them giving £50m bonuses to the guys in Afghanistan.
The whole lot are scum.

subrosa said...

Oh Penguin the Afghanistan disgrace is too close to my heart for me to make a comment which would pass moderation.

The Penguin said...

What fucking moderation? Give it all you want!

Earthlet Nigel said...

I spoke yesterday with a former officer who had been seconded to the MOD. It took him some 10 weeks to go throught he paperwork of his predecessor to find out just what was going on and to continue the work in procurement. So having found what was going on and now being ina position to braing it all back on track, very shortly he was moved internally within the MOD to another department and his responsibilities changed, i.e. procurement, but another project, so again he had to go through the process of finding out what the predecessor has been up to, and at what stage the procurement is at, suffice to say once he found where problems lay, any attempt to resolve it was stimied, by, you've guessed it, another internal move.
Those CS within these departments responsible for ensuring projects etc. run to budget and on time are in his words, "unhelpful cunts".

I suggested the CS form the 1st Batillion The Pencil Sharpners and Arse Polishers, and transfer them to a man to Afghanistan, where first hand they can experience the results of their monumental clusterfucks. He agreed the thought was pleasant, but added "unlikely to ever happen". Shame but we can still dream on until the thought police arrest us.
But with 78,000 in the MOD surely we can reverse the secondment procedure and send them to the forces, a few patrols in Iraq or preferably Afghanistan should focus their minds.
However were such to happen I for one can envisage long queues outside of NHS surgeries as they seek chits form doctors as to why they are physically or mentally unable to carry out the secondment. An unprecedented plague of cowardice would descend upon our upstanding legions of pen-pushers and desk drivers.

And am I missing something here whenever McBroon has a photo-opportuniy with the troops non ever appear to be armed. Why?

Delphius1 said...

I bet it comes to more than a flak jacket's worth.