Friday, 27 February 2009

A Triumph For The Government

It seems that the Government can claim at least one success.

Teenage pregnancies in the under-16s are running at record levels.

So the Benefit Breeding (NuLabour Voter) Programme is doing a great job.

Bonuses all round!

The Penguin



Couple that with the taxpayers paying for lesbians to get knocked up as the result of some so-called 'equality' bill on which the public were never consulted and we really are truly fucked.

Oldrightie said...

we really are truly fucked.

Does that count in the instance you make?
Ranting Penny, you must be careful here. Little Alfie's paternity is still not proven. I understand there are as many runners as declared for the National. Alfie might be a 100 to 1 outsider!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Oh that's you in big trouble Penguin. The lady Judge said last week that Li'll Alf*e P*tt*n is become secret yet here you go, printing his pcture again.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

That old trout Polly Toynbee was on the radio yesterday morning with Anastasia somebody or other. They were discussing this report showing Teen Pregnancies/Bastard Babies up, again, in UK.
Oh my, how they tortured their poor brains about " Why is it that, in this day and age, these young girls choose having a baby; it's all about poverty and deprivation.
" So eradicate poverty ?, suggested BBC man, Might be a tall order !
" Well they don't understand about contraception" chirped in Anastastsia before Polly elbowed her with " and we really must provide more support with Sex Education, they don't get enough and it isn't even compulsory ! " she shrieked.
That was it, nothing about State subsidies encouraging gym-slip Mums, incremental benefits for multiple-sprog mongers, their criminal boyfriends making sure they are up the duff in time for pre-sentencing reports or any of the rest of the real stuff.