Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Penguins Have A Similarly Strong Bite To Rotweillers

Dear Alda Barry,

I confess to being absolutely amazed. Ms Smith has not refuted one word of the newspaper articles, now carried and referred to across the mainstream media, and most definitely bringing Parliament into disrepute.

So it is not that there is only an unsubstantiated allegation. If it were untrue Ms Smith would be seeking legal redress through the courts.

And in view of the facts as disclosed, and Mr Lyon’s own previous findings – viz : 'If a Member has his or her family living permanently in their constituency home and has modest accommodation in London big enough only for themselves, and which they use only when Parliament is in session, then it would clearly seem to be a matter of fact that Member's main home is in the constituency.' plus the precedent set in the exactly similar case of Michael Trend MP, there is an obvious case to investigate, and the Commissioner is in dereliction of his duty in ignoring it.

Of course, he may be fearful of his position, following the disgraceful treatment of Elizabeth Filkin, but as I understand it he cannot be considered for a further term, so I respectfully ask that he do his job?

Yours truly,

The Penguin


All Shook Up said...

Keep pecking away at them, Pengy. But don't expect action any time soon - the 'opposition' is paralysed on anything other than the Big Picture (especially where their snouts are in the same trough).

The Penguin said...

I'm not holding my breath, but there is just a chance that Dave and Co might cleanthings up. He and George are independently weathy, Ken's tucked loads away from his directorships, Bill's after dinner money is safe, so they could easily go cold turkey on allowances and expenses.

Whether they could drag all of their little piggies from the trough is another matter.

Dennis said...

Good luck with this, Penguin.

No need to hold your breath. You are blessed by evolution, or the creator (whichever you prefer) with a diving reflex. Thus you can stay under while other, lesser, creatures must surface, gasping, for air.


Penguin O Penguin, thank you for the wonderful comment left on Guido's blog earlier re TB; you've made my day and it's only 5 after midnight...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Keep up the good work Penguin. If we meet in a Nu-Lab Gulag please allow me to share a last stolen crust with you.

Lawson Narse said...

Keep on at 'em Penguin.
There's a pic for you on my blog.