Monday, 23 February 2009

British Jobs For Foreign Transfers

Further damning evidence of the Home Office's inability to control Britain's borders or to limit immigration, despite the posturing of The Fat Lodger and her gobby but useless sidekick Phil "Cream Pie" Woolas.

Foreign companies can transfer staff into the UK and don't even have to advertise the vacancy that is being filled. The imported foreign worker can stay without any hindrance for 5 years and then apply for settlement here.

The number of people taking this route into the UK has doubled in the last 4 years

Meanwhile, Jacqui Kebab Smith claims not to have maximised her stealing from the taxpayer. Technically she could have stolen an additional £58.00

Fuck me, I'm amazed at her restraint!

The Penguin


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I thought the £58 was a joke ...

Fuck me sideways with a spasmodic spoon!

Anonymous said...

I did wonder why the petrochemical industry was hitting the headline re. imported labour.

I used to work in Aztec West, Bristol, near the Orange site. The place was packed with Indians who were imported en-masse and trained up.

(Obviously the righteous won't believe me, but) I don't have a problem with the people, but why the fuck is the UK making so easy to export technical jobs to India?

We're training the fucking competition for fucks sake!

The competition in the jobs where we're supposed be able to 'add value'.

Anonymous said...

I heard her claim that she wasn't claiming the maximum on Sunday - I did wonder how close she was. £58 short of the maximum, I guess she thought that there was a limit to what she could ethically claim - bwa-ha-ha-ha...or was she just too incompetent to do the maths properly?


And her grace and favour apartment - can we check WHEN that went on the market (so, she had to stay at her sister's)?

Why have none of the MSM mentioned the additional protection costs?

Even better question, why the fuck are we protecting that useless, lying, tub of fucking shit?

They are ALL cunts, I'm adding Paul Myners to my pelt-with-turds-on-sight list after seeing him on the tv on Sunday - at least gorgon is mad, he has an excuse for spouting delusional shite / lies. What a started-in-america, global-prolem, big-boys-did-it-and-ran-away quality turd.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Near here a big Insurance Company call centre imported some 'Project Managers' from Pakistan. They spent a year or so doing whatever they were doing. Then the closure of the centre was announced because it was all being 'outsourced' to, guess where ?
Yup, Pakistan.

Might I suggest a whip round for Our Jacqui, since her fat tub gut prevented her from snorting up the last dribbles from the trough ?