Monday, 16 February 2009

The Curse Of Jonah McBroon

"I was never there, it was nothing to do with me!"

You have to admit that The Great Leader displays consistency. Every fucking thing the cunt turns his chewed and snot-stained bogey picking hands to turns to shit.

Now he is desperately trying to pretend that the Lloyds TSB takeover of HBOS was nothing to do with hime, must have been those bigger boys again.

Trouble is, no matter how his sock puppets like Peston spin, he was so keen to grab all the glory and be seen to be "doing things" that it is impossible to extricate himself now, as the full extent of the problems at HBOS emerge to wreck the Lloyds Bank Group (registered in Scotland, hmmmm).

Even Lord Turner of Pigsinswill, busily handing out £33 MILLION in bonuses at the FSA (no rewards for failure!) has thrown a bucket of shit onto his head, admitting that HBOS could easily have been propped up directly without crashing LloydsTSB.

I expect all the bank shareholders and those dependent on them like pensioners are just so grateful to the Supreme Saviour.

The Penguin

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Bill d'Sarse said...

If I was the Pope, I would be sh*tting myself.