Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Stench Isn't Going Away, Jacqui!

Sadly for our beleagured Home Economics Secretary, The Pride Of Redditch, Kebab Queen Jacqui "The Fat Lodger" Smith, the public don't seem to believe that her fairy tale about her living arrangements has much merit.

John Lyon, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner may be gullible in the extreme, or simply a spineless placeman waiting for his pension and unwilling to rock the boat, but no-one else seems to be able to swallow the line that La Spliff is spinning.

Sadly, there is very little noise coming from senior Tories about this, which is doing their credibility no good at all, and is tarring them with the same sleaze because people are making the assumption that the lack of criticism stems from fear that many on the Opposition benches are similarly guilty.

Alistair Darling certainly is in no position to criticise her - one wonders how many more are abusing our trust in this way?

Jacqui is not only incompetent, she is corrupt. She should resign, or McCavity Brown should sack her.

The Penguin

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