Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gordon Appoints New Financial Adviser

"Oh fuck! Can't you tell him I'm busy blessing holocaust deniers or something?"

Following the sad loss of two of his financial advisers who were found to be radio-active with the toxic taint of banking misconduct, Our Great Leader, Saviour Of The Universe, The Monocular Trouser Stainer, Jimmy Gordon McBroon has decided to appoint a new finanial adviser, who is free from scandal.

The fact that Pope Benedict hasn't got a fucking clue about finance, banking, or economics doesn't worry Gordon, it puts them in the same fuckwit box.

Last time the two met, Gordon gave the Pope a Book Of Sermons written by Pa McBroon, who bequeathed wee Jimmy his ( Broken ) Moral Compass. What great work of literature can his Holiness expect this time round? "Courage" by J. G. Brown? "How I Abolished Boom And Bust" by Dr. J. G. Brown? Or maybe the little booklet of cheats and dodges for free loading that McBroon produced as a student? That would come in handy next time the Pontiff wanted to blag his way into a party!

The Penguin

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