Monday, 9 February 2009

Ooooh, Gordon, They're Just Not Following You!

President Sarkozy, the diminutive Hungarian playboy in charge of the nation of cheese eating surrender monkeys, doesn't seem to be enamoured of the Great Saviour Of The World's cunning plan to spend, spend, spend his way out of the Gobal Credit Crunch (made in America, nothing to do with Gordon).

"I remember when I was Finance Minister, all those summits with Gordon Brown banging on and on about how he was running the most successful economy in the world and we should all suck his tiny cock - he is not well endowed, his penis is this tiny, look! - and then what do we find? It was all a pack of lies! He was not balancing his budgets, he was hiding debts with his ludicrous PFI schemes, he was spunking money away to no real effect, he was not investing in anything meaningful, just spend, spend, spend. And now, when the chickens come home to do the roosting, what does the silly fellow want to do? Spend, spend, spend! Sacre Bleu! Has he learned nothing? And his personal hygiene, it is not at all good."

Angela Merkel seems to agree with M. Sarkozy.

The Penguin

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