Saturday, 21 February 2009

Another Foul Mouthed Tirade By Lord Voldemort

The Secretary of State for Bribery and Corruption, Lord Voldemort of Sleazepool was miffed by union leaders daring to mention that the car manufacturing industry was suffering in the Global Credit Crunch ( Made In America And Nothing To Do With Gordon ).

"How very fucking dare they?! Don't the stupid fucking wankers realise that careless talk can start rumours, and fucking rumours can cause all sorts of cunting trouble? I should fucking know, I start enough rumours myself, I'm the fucking world champion rumour starter. So they should shut the fuck up, causing trouble and making out that the fucking country is fucking fucked. Let me just explain a fucking thing here. It's no fucking good these stupid fat twats asking the Government for money, we have given all the fucking money to the banks and the cunts won't let us have it back, they're too busy handing it out as bonuses or fucking loans to their staff. All we can do is make promises we know we can't fucking keep, and announce more fucking stupid initiatives. So fuck off!"

The Penguin


Van Helsing said...

Mr.Penguin, I am hearing rumours that the snake was hit by a shoe last night. Cannot find any reports on it though. Could it be one of our citizens requires a medal?

The Penguin said...

I'd prefer he was hit by a large calibre round from a 0.5 Light Barrett sniper rifle.

Preferably not killing him outright, I'd prefer gangrene and septicemia to do for him slowly.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Penguin. You and me both

wv fachizi

Oldrightie said...

According to Snotgobbler, Lordy, Lordy is the acceptable face of New Labour. I thought that was Brown's arse!

Key bored warrior. said...

Aye Mandy the man, heid bottom feeder.

How low can you go?


AngryDave said...

Penguin and Earthlet nigel: How do you like this one? Stick a serated knife into his anus and cut him round to his balls, then leave him in a soundproof room. He wont be able to put presure on the wound and it would be very painful, but slow. If he doe survive there will be al sorts of complications like nerve damage, erectile disfunction and septicemia.
Then put it on you tube.
Would i get a medal for that?

Anonymous said...

re:Angry Dave