Sunday, 22 February 2009

Stupid Greedy Jacqui On The Rack

Our (second) Home Economics Secretary, The Salad Dodging Lodger continues to attract media attention for the outrageous stealing of taxpayers money, rather than for the "sterling" work she does as holder of what was once a great department of State.

Had she had the common sense to realise that the game was up, and the decency to resign, the spotlight would have moved on to try and find something more interesting. The same would have happened had Gordon had the courage to sack her.

As it is, her continiuing efforts to brazen it out leave her on the rack. Now even Labour MP's are being openly critical, because they are hearing what their constituents are saying, they can see the way the polls are pointing, and they do not want to be associated with such sleaze and immorality no matter what the ludicrous "rules" allow.

The brave and courageous Commissar For Troughing has had to agree to making an investigation after managing to ignore complaint after complaint when neighbours of her sister wrote to him stating that she did not spend a majority of her time there.

The prospect for La Spliff cannot be good. She can't deny the facts, and the precedent set over the Michael Trend case means she'll be asked to pay back the money she has stolen - and it's not just the £116,000 which was claimed for just 6 years of her 12 year career as a trough pig.

The Badger is also in the frame, and I suspect there may well be others.

Lots of them!

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

At least Lord Ashcroft gives some back in charitable as well as political donations. Labour just can't get or keep enough for themselves. ANY MP should be sacked and a bye election held when caught bang to rights.

Anonymous said...

Rapid little video on our God awful home sec and her vile governments attempts to create a Big Brother State here if anyone fancies a laugh.