Friday, 27 February 2009

Give The Driver A Medal, Set A Good Example!

The Police have arrested a lorry driver who successfuly defended himself and his lorry from an attack and presumable attempted theft, killing one scrote and injuring two others.

Sadly, they'll probably refer it the the cunts at the CPS who will go to town prosecuting an innocent man for defending himself and his property. Like Farmer Martin.

What they should be doing is holding a civic reception for the lorry driver, making him a Freeman of Birmingham and giving him the St George's Medal. And prosecuting the surviving thieves and rendering the corpse down for biodiesel.

The Penguin


Sue said...

Jim Rogers foolish says Mandy

Your favourite person has got the arse again... doesn't like criticism does he?

The Penguin said...

Check out Old Holborn....

Sue said...

Cool! I knew you would give that one the treatment it deserved!

Oldrightie said...

How dare the bastard defend himself. He should follow the example of the whole British Nation and surrender to the fuckwit Government.

Cato said...

Well done that man!Wish there were more like him!

Umbongo said...

The police idiocy continued as the M6 Motorway remained closed yesterday morning as Police officers from West Midlands Police and Warwickshire Police investigated.

No accident that it's the same force which committed this complete balls-up by trying to prosecute the informant rather than the criminals.

Cuse said...


The Paul Staines jerking circle convenes here to continue the self-righteous jack-off sessions.

Old Rightie and Van Helsing.

And the use of cunt is visible on the 2nd comment. Penguin - for such an almighty cunt you really do take the cuntiness to cunt-tastic cunting levels. Cunt.

Posting links to your own blog in Paul Staines hate-rant-off. Fucking moron.

Do yourself a favour, and instead of rimming Staines on his blog-for-cunts, watch the prick on YouTube getting his arse ripped in two by Michael White and Paxman.

And then the Draper troll shite. Yawn Yawn cunting-Yawn.

Fucking juvenile cunts.

North Northwester said...

They think he might be Greek.
This is not Sparta.


Lawson Narse said...

I can see the headlines now.

"Foreigner Murders British Citizen"


"Knife Crime increases as Foreign Drivers Murder UK Residents"

"Gordon promises tough line on Self Defence"

Jacqui Smith says:

"Self Defence is Not the Answer."

Lawson Narse said...

Unreal! the wv was phock. How prescient was that?

North Northwester said...

They come over here, killing our robbers, taking work from our policemen and supporting their own families.

Scum: utter greasy dago foreign scum...

The Penguin said...

"British Thieves For British Killers!"

The Penguin said...

Cuse posted a comment licking Tom Harris's arse, 17th Feb 2009 2.17pm

"Hi Tom.

I’m really enjoying the blog. One of the most intelligent and considered things in the political blogosphere at present. Makes me not wince entirely as much about the online presence of the Labour party…

I like your piece. I’ve stopped reading such negative sites such as "

Seems he's slipped back into his bad habits! ROFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

making him a Freeman of Birmingham

Hasn't he suffered enough?

since you've resorted to ad hominem attacks, I hope you won't mind my favourite Thai insult: Hurry home, your father is dying and you have to fuck your mother.

You worthless Labour creep. What was it like growing up on that grimy estate?

You enviously watched happy, decent people enjoying themselves whilst your mother lived off the State.

What was it like, having a constant succession of 'uncles', whom you found in flagrante with your vodka-sozzled, illiterate, violent Mummy? You hid in your room and cried, didn't you?

What was it like, hearing your mother shouting out 'Fuck me!' in the middle of the night, when you were scared and alone?

You hate us because you hate yourself. Go see Draper, who was at^H^H in Berkeley.

Anonymous said...

Cuse ... is probably still upset because his brother stopped fucking him in the 4th form.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"The two others, one a 15-year-old youth, are in a critical condition"

Arn't they fucking dead yet ?

captainff said...

Subura Impreza .. .. .. the getaway vehicle of choice of robbers everywhere.

Of course the police will prosecute the lorry driver as he's fucked up their solved statistics now.

Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

Not surprised. I got (wrongly, very wrongly!) accused of a hit and run by a loony neighbour once - Policeman Plod came hurtling around with blue lights, notebook at the ready, sucking an HB pencil and banged on my front door demanding to know who I wanted to press charges against.

It took 'em about ten minutes to cotton on to the fact that they'd visited the "accused" first rather than the "accuser". Doh! Even the lack of, well, deadness or tyre tracks across my face didn't give them a clue.

I've eaten brighter vegetables.

Lorry driver in this case should be given a golden cricket bat and asked to visit again soon and often.