Thursday, 26 February 2009

Education, Education, Education? Spin, Spin, Spin!

Some truants playing yesterday.

Government statistsics released today show that an astounding 63,000 school children are "missing" from school sessions on any given day. Of these, the unauthorised element is the highest ever recorded, with 1.01% of half-days missed last year - up from 1% in 2006/07, the Department for Children, Schools and Families figures showed. In other words, truancy is at record levels.

Yet what does the useless DCSF have to say about this scandal?

Children's minister Delyth Morgan said the figures showed that 70,000 more pupils were in school on an average day last year compared to 1996/97. So fucking what, there's been about 3 million immigrants let in since 1997, including loads of children.

"Overall, the latest statistics show that our drive to reduce absence, and particularly persistent absence, has been very successful and we are going to continue to build on this success."

Black is White and Red is No Colour At All.

The Penguin


Cuse said...

Why do you bother you little cretinous turd?

You yourself spend most of your time over at Paul Staines' blog in his nasty little jerking-circle.

No-one comments because no-one reads.

Fucking mug.

The Penguin said...

Oooh, sticks and stones etc.

You just commented, kind of makes what you have to say rather silly, wouldn't anyone but a moron agree?

Now, if you don't like it, do us all a favour and fuck off and die somewhere, preferably out of sight and where the stench of your putrefaction won't cause normal people too much distress.


PhorpresBunny said...

Cuse said "No-one comments because no-one reads".

Well I read this blog in my feed reader - just haven't got round to comment (consider that rectified right now).

In your twisted logic of thinking does that mean that this blog doesn't get ANY readers at all? I'd like you to come back and explain that - 'cos you see I'm 100% sure you're reading this - and ooooh, lookie at that comment at 15.31pm - it's YOU!.

You're not really making sense are you? - think about it for a bit!. Or are you just having a day without-your-brain-in today?

The Penguin said...

As it says at the top, I don't mind if no-one at all reads any of this - it is written to please me, and it serves that purpose extremely well.

That others approve or disapprove neither validates or invalidates.

Though being a vain flightless bird I much prefer adulation and appreciation.

The site stats are accessible at the foot of the page. nowhere in Old Holborn or Guido's league, but still quite pleasing.

Oldrightie said...

Cuse on here, Penny. That's a sort of compliment. Like somebody needing to have a dump and knocking on your door because the place seemed civilised.
Also a demo of Labours' educational failure.

As for the missing 63,000, they are all at the vote rigging training school.

The Penguin said...

Indeed, I took it as a form of compliment, a recognition that people I would like to annoy are in fact being annoyed.

Quite chuffed, in fact.

I'd offer to assist the moron with the proper usage of the Engliah Language, but then again, you can't polish a turd.

microdave said...

"Overall, the latest statistics show that our drive to reduce absence, and particularly persistent absence, has been very successful and we are going to continue to build on this success."


Van Helsing said...

so you've managed to get your head out of Derek Drapers arse.
To know all this you must spend more time than anyone at Guidos place. Indeed it must suit your style, jerking off to the obscenities.
Don't worry about wiping the smegma off your hands when you pick up your pay packet from Dolly,it wouldn't show up, Derek is still waiting for someone to show him what to do with a bar of soap.

Odin's Raven said...

Maybe it's good news that 63,000 hooligans are not at school, disrupting the place and preventing the other children from learning.