Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Police State Doesn't Apply To Pikeys

Minister Of Police Tony "Mad Dog" McNumpty has rubbished the claims of the former head of MI5 that NuLiebore are creating a Police State.

"She's talking bollocks!" said McNumpty, "And I have the phone taps and the video evidence to prove it."

Meanwhile Inspector Knacker of the Cambridgeshire Cuntstabulary has failed to make a single arrest let alone bring any charges against a bunch of thieving pikeys accused of over 250 crimes against one household.

"We don't have the courage or the resources to tackle incidents like this involving the travelling community" said a spokesweasel yesterday." It's much safer and warmer sitting in the office filling out diversity statements and having a nice cup of tea. Besides, the fucking magistrates would just let them off with a safari holiday thrown in, so we've given up bothering."

The Penguin

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