Thursday, 12 February 2009

More British Jobs For Foreign Workers

Figures released by the government prove the sorry reality behind The Great Leader's dog-whistle soundbite slogan of "British Jobs for British Workers" trotted out so glibly and smugly at the NuLiebore 2007 Wankfest.

The employment of British-born workers fell by 278,000 last year, while the employment of foreign-born staff rose by 214,000, official figures showed.

The official number of 1.97 million out of work was the highest since just after Labour came to power, and does not include those sacked this year or the 7.86million Britons classed as 'economically inactive' who may be claiming benefits. ( Or the huge army of "civil" servants and local authority employees doing make-work! ) The Office for National Statistics also reported that nearly 3,000 people are being made redundant every day.

What was it that the Snot Gobbling Trouser Pisser said to the Bliar - "There is nothing you could say to me now that I could believe!"

Well, Jimmy Gordon McBrown, what do you think the country as a whole and the wider international community think of your position with regard to telling the truth or recognising reality? You really are a contemptible creature.

The Penguin

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microdave said...

A few days ago the "Daily Star" printed a "British Jobs For British Workers" poster on the middle pages. Today they report that one guy who put a copy up at his works has been sacked as a result.