Thursday, 26 February 2009

More Blood On Slippery Jack's Hands

Seems that yet another innocent victim of criminal violence can thank "Justice Minister" Jack Straw for their untimely death.

Tony Virasami has a string of convictions for petty theft and handling stolen goods dating back 20 years and was under a curfew and on bail for shoplifting. He was wearing an electronic tag when he launched the unprovoked attack which resulted in the death of Kevin Tripp.

Straw was also the Home Secretary who failed to build any prisons, because he didn't like having rows with Gordon.

How many more, Jack?

The Penguin


Paul Staine's spunk-covered Fuck-puppet said...

Sanctimonious little prick.

If you don't like it - get elected.

But of course - you don't want an actual job do you. You just like to jerk-off into Guido's hands and watch him lick it up don't you.

Fucking pervert.

If you had anything relevant to say about anything, you might get more readers you fuck-job. Just ranting about wank means fuck-all to anyone, you jumped up little prick.

You're as relevant as the slimy, sloppy shit I just flushed.

The Penguin said...

Why do you bother? Why also do you bother to get different "names" to protect your sad reality?

Oh, and please, if you want to be allowed in here, learn to use the English Language properly, including punctuation. Otherwise we'll just have to assume you are a wanker as well as a fuckwit.

And don't slam the door on your way out.


Van Helsing said...

Fuck I nearly missed this one, I must pay more attention,

Straw what a cunt! Thats better.

I see you have that Cuse infesting your blog Mr P. You must be hitting the right notes. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Does allow the blog owner to view IP address logs of posts?

I am sure many of your more technically minded readers would be interested in seeing those for this noisome poster you appear to have stuck to you.

From an academic perspective, you understand.

The Penguin said...

Sadly I'm too PC-ignorant to have much of a clue, though I'm sure that some clever person will be along at some point to advise me.

And whilst I know all about "Dont Feed The Trolls" - it's just so pleasing slapping them. And usually so easy too.

Van Helsing said...

If your interested, Cuse was outed on Guidos, sometime in early Jan. I think. Someone posted a link to his own blog. I can't remember much about it, in that I've drunk myself into a stupor ever since in an effort to forget, but he posted a photo of himself. My god what an ugly motherfucker. Normally I'd have urged him to get out more, but for the sake of the general public, I think it would be better for him to carry on.