Thursday 14 May 2009

Worst Case Of Suicide Coroner Had Ever Seen?

"Well, I'm sure that if you shot me through the head it would make no difference!"

Just how the fuck can you commit suicide by shooting yourself in the head twice with an army rifle set on single shot mode, with one wound on each side of your head? Doesn't sound possible to me. Did the first bullet go straight through your head but miss anything vital, like a brain? Did it not cause massive shock and trauma even if it did miss the brain? So, you just think, Oh Well, Second Time Lucky, recock the weapon, and then think - hey, maybe I'll do better shooting myself through the head from the other side....

To add to the likelihood, three of your colleagues have topped themselves at the same barracks in similar fashion over a short period of time.
Yet oddly enough, that's what the government want you to think happened. Armed Forces Minister Bob "Knobhead" Ainsworth, whose only job outside politics was helping as a marxist trade union reptile ruining the British motor industry in the seventies, insists that despite the release of new evidence with the publication of the Army's own Board Of Inquiry Reports the whitewash will continue.

Sooner or later the truth will come out, you idiot. What are you hiding? Who are you protecting?

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Taking the piss there, maybe they should have arranged some suicide notes an a walk in the woods like Kelly.

Captain Swing said...

Surely the picture is not of a minister of the crown.
Are you sure you havnt mixed up a picture of Uncle Knobby wanted for hanging around school playgrounds with his invisible puppy?

Leg-iron said...

Oh come on. Look at him. You could stick five pounds of C4 in his mouth, set it off, and it wouldn't affect his IQ.

To him, it's reasonable to take a dozen shots at the head and still have to consider alternatives.

You're dealing with PhD stupid here.