Tuesday 19 May 2009

Yet Another Shameless Pig From The McMafia

Michael Connarty declined to try and explain his troughing.

Asked to justify the expense claims, Mr Connarty responded in an email: "The Daily Telegraph is involved in using stolen property to financially benefit the newspaper and the pay of its journalists. In my understanding, this is the criminal act of 'reset'. I hope the newspaper will eventually answer in court for this criminal act."

High time we rid Westminster of all the Scotchland McMafia. They can fuck off to Holyrood, we won't miss them.

Jonah McBroon
Michael Martin
Alastair Darling
John Reid
Des Browne
Dougie Alexander
Jim Devine
Michael Connarty
Ian McCartney
And the rest.

All of them. Good riddance.

The Penguin

UPDATE: Metropolitan Plod say no to investigating the leak of the expenses data to the Telegraph, so you can just fuck right off you brass-necked cunt.


Anonymous said...

I hope the newspaper will eventually answer in court for this criminal act."

Not as much as we hope you end up in court you thieving fucker

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Whenever you hear a vacuous Nu-Labour pronouncement on telly these days it always seems to be delivered in a scawtish accent.


Anonymous said...

Keep the evil shits.

Dark Lochnagar said...

You can fuck off Penguin, we don't want the cunts back. Throw them in the fucking Thames or something.
And Fuck you too, anonymous 10.54. English Fuckpig!

Hacked Off said...

Can't really blame you - but I don't want the Thames polluted. Maybe just burn the fuckers?

Anonymous said...

Being from Scotchland myself and indeed living in Mr Connarty's constituency you can take it from me, you are welcome to string him up from a Westminster lampost. No point in troughing the public purse any more than we have to with his return fare.

wv. sionspid
Isn't that the Liebor crackpot who likes making home movies with Tom Watson in the comfort of his own home?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous 14.02

Nobody from SCOTLAND says they're from SCOTCHLAND. Anyone from SCOTLAND knows that SCOTCH is a drink that helps keep the the British Exchequer afloat.

Anonymous said...

They use "Scotchland" when directly quoting someone from "Englandshire".