Monday 18 May 2009

Baroness Uddin Builds The Taxpayer A Holiday Palace

Isn't it great?

Such thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit!

Baroness Uddin has selflessly slaved away for the public good, and in addition she has lived in subsidised slum housing in London's dangerous East End despite having a nice flat available to her at taxpayers' expense in Kent, and now it emerges why she has had to live such a parsimonious existence.

She's been building a Palace in Bangladesh where her lucky constituents can holiday for free!

Her spokes-weasel said that the saintly Baroness, whose personal fragrance makes Mother Teresa seem like a smelly old corpse, had thought it only right to do this to mark her appreciation of the way that the British Taxpayer had cosseted her and her extensive family of spongers.

The Penguin


UB41 said...

This raises a serious question Monsieur Penguin....

How do you get a member of the House of Lords kicked out?

Goes for the other two corrupt muppets caught last week.

In the case of our dear Baroness, she has some VERY VERY serious questions to answer.

There's the obvious expenses fiddles with second homes which seems to be "de rigeur" these days.
But on top of that, where was her second home before the Maidstone retreat?

And finally, worst of all, the fact that someone of obvious means is occupying social housing when there are far greater needs than hers. BMW 4x4 parked outside social housing?

Morals? I bet she's never even heard the expression.

Good on the times for exposing her, may I request that the times does the same with the other "lords".

Let's not lose sight of this one during the MP's scandal.

The Baroness Smells of Onions said...

Let's make a deal with her.

Let's say "you fuck off back to Bonglodesh and take your grasping extended family with you and we won't say any more about it..."

How about that ?

On another note, just exactly how good is all this for the BNP vote on June 4th ?

DaveP said...

But how did she ever become a baroness? Did she give Tone a blow job? Can anyone answer this?

Anonymous said...

"DaveP said...

But how did she ever become a baroness? Did she give Tone a blow job? Can anyone answer this?"

Yes, I can. She's a Paki, a Muslim and a wimmin.

So therefore, she ticked enough of Zanu-Labour's equality boxes to qualify.

It really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

You can imagine the scene at her neighbours' house when she moving in in Bangladesh:
"Oh shit, you won't believe this, Fatima"
"What's that?"
"Fucking Paki next door"