Thursday 21 May 2009

The Curse Of Jonah - Part 78

You could not make it up.

Sir Victor Blank is pushed into the worst take-over in banking history by Jonah McBroon, who assured him over cocktails that the government would ignore any competition issues despite the existing legislation and regulations.

As the extent of HBOS's problems emerges, Sir Victor is forced out. Sadly, it seems the twat gets to keep his pension, and as yet he has not been convicted in Harriet's Court of Public Opinion.

But the curse of Jonah has not yet been alleviated.

Along come rumours that the EUSSR are not at all happy that the competition rules have been ignored. Not to mention the French and the Germans are upset that a bank the size of Lloyds HBOS is bigger than any of theirs.

The share price plunges further. Beware the Curse of Jonah.

The Penguin

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