Friday 26 October 2012

Same Old Same Old - Even If You Claim To Be "Communist!"

"Buy My Book Quick, Or I'll Fuck All Your Children!"

Well, what a surprise! The cunts at the top of the tree get extremely rich.

Who'd have thought it?

The Penguin

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Bang Him Up, Throw Away The Key!

So the slimy arsewipe has resigned so he can duck out of any disciplinary whitewash and keep his fucking £83,000 a year pension.

If the government have not got the balls, then the so-called free press, pushed and shoved by the families of the Hillsborough victims, should force a prosecution and have the fucking toe-rag banged up for at least 20 years. And not in some fucking open prison, but a proper fucking punishment regime - maybe the Septics would take the cunt in lieu of Gary McKinnon?

There's a fucking dreadful stench at the top of the senior police officers club....why hasn't anyone in the Home Office noticed, or are they too busy with their noses up Teresa May's fat arse?

The Penguin

Plenty Of Blame, Spread It Around!

Ah, the McSavile Tartan - I bet sales have plummeted...

Good to see some self-righteous knob of an MP calling for that cunt Chris Patten to have to resign his cushy placement as Chairman of the BBC Trust (there's a fucking name!) for trying to defend the indefensible. Mind you, they should have burnt him as part of the Firework Display when handing Hong Kong back...

But don't let's stop there!!! Who served as Governors of the BBC while King Jimmy was busy kiddie fiddling on the payroll?

Dig them all up and crucify them!!

The Penguin

Sunday 21 October 2012

Poor Old George - Jimmy Savile's Fucked Him Too!!

Right up the Entwhistle, no lube!!

They do say it is always the cover up that gets them.

I have to say it is quite wonderful watching the vastly over-paid and over-rated upper echelons of the leftist propaganda bastion being fucked over by a corpse.

The Penguin

Saturday 20 October 2012

Can't See Chris Huhne Following This Example - Pity!

Seems that the upper echelons of the Plod are ever-so-slightly more accountable than the upper echelons of the Political Elite.

Otherwise Chris Huhne would have been suspended pending his conviction for perverting the course of justice.

At the very least.

The Penguin

Friday 5 October 2012

Double Standards?

Funny, innit - they sack some Chief Cuntstable with no golden handshake but a full pension for trying to find a job for a friend, but it's not even a disciplinary matter for shooting innocent electricians on the underground.

The Penguin

Wednesday 3 October 2012

BBC U-Turn Under Pressure

The fat cats at the top of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation have crumbled under the concerted pressure from self-righteous elements of the media and even more self-righteous elements of the great and good, who in the main are desperate to try and create some clear blue water between themselves and the putrid corpse of Jimmy So-vile.

Ignoring Jimmy's despicable crime of inventing the Discoteque and therefore creating the role of Disc Jockey, they are going to co-operate with Inspector Knacker in looking at the allegations of sexual misconduct with legions of little girls that have surfaced despite their very best efforts to suppress them.

Of course, now the creepy Mr So-vile is dead and buried, his influence has diminished, and fewer people are directly getting well paid for propping up his media image and showbiz career.

Instead, the voices of the victims are being heard more clearly, and the smell of cover-up and corruption is becoming impossible to ignore.

With any luck, heads will roll and reputations will be destroyed. Lots of them, because many were complicit in this saga.

The Penguin

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Great Big Troughs In Scotlandshire

Fuck me but they know how to live high on the fucking hog when the taxpayer is footing the bill up in bonny Scotlandshire.

No wonder that Alex Salmond has thirty-two chines on his two faces!

Personally I find if difficult to understand how they can stomach all that Haggis and Neeps, or how the caterers dare charge so much money for such rubbish, but maybe the single malt is expensive....

The Penguin

Saturday 22 September 2012

Andrew Mitchell - The Full Apology

Andrew Mitchell has published the full transcript of his apology, as made to the Prime Minister.

"Look, Dave, I'm really really sorry that this has caused such a stink. I can't believe the fucking cheek of that cuntstable, first in not opening the fucking gate immediately and saluting me as I cycled past the little pleb, and then having the fucking nerve to make a complaint because I gave him a richly deserved bollocking.

I may have lost the Department for Pissing Taxpayers Money Away To Corrupt Cunts and Hangers-On in your fucking shit re-shuffle, but I'm still a very important person, and these fucking plebs should know their place!"

The Penguin

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Just What The Fuck Is Wrong With Plod?

"What's that, Madam? A lost dog? Right, you're fucking nicked!"

Despite all the previous, and all the noises from ministers and politicians, Inspector Fuckwit and his myrmidons continue to arrest householders who have simply defended their persons and their property from assault and robbery by criminals.

Even if they are then released on bail and the cretins at the CPS manage not to prosecute them and waste even more money and time, this is a serious inconvenience and leaves a paper-trail which may cause these victims trouble in future as well as hassle and heartache at the time.

Is it asking too fucking much that the imbeciles in senior positions in Her Majesty's Cuntstabulary tell their subordinates in words simple enough for even them to understand, stop arresting people for defending themselves?  We appreciate that the implied contract between public and police has broken down because they are patently incapable of doing what they are paid to do - defend the public and the public's property from criminals - so stop hassling the public when they have to step up and do the fucking police's job.

The Penguin

Thursday 30 August 2012

An Afghan Solution

Following the latest atrocities in Afghanistan, The Penguin would like to share his solution with the imbeciles who claim to be in charge of "Western Policy".

1. Get the fuck out.
2. Glass it over, saving a fortune on decommissioning all those excess nuclear weapons.
3. Tell the raving loonies in places like Yemen, Pakistan, and Saudi that you still have plenty
of missiles and warheads left, and that the oil can be extracted quite easily once they're incinerated and gone to their strict heaven complete with all those virgins.


The Penguin

Thursday 23 August 2012

A Business Genius?

Nur Nadir, who at 28 is just 43 years younger than her convict husband, said her husband was a "business genius" and his wealth was a "direct result of his and his family's working morals and ethics".

"Face it," she said, "He got away with loads of dosh, the charges were just the tip of the iceberg. Then he has a nice break in the sunshine for 17 years until he's in poor health, and now he's going to enjoy the best of the NHS for a five year holiday all expenses paid. Fucking genius!!" 

The Penguin

Wednesday 22 August 2012

What A Surprise, No One To Blame!

"What Do You Mean, I Look Like Lonely From Callan?"

Scotland Yard Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said: "We are carrying out an internal review, but given the fact that we are not only incapable of finding a dead body in a bin-bag three times out of four, and that we have trouble finding our back-side with both hands, we are unlikely to find anyone prepared to take the blame for this latest fuck-up.

However, it's not all bad this week - we have just managed to get Freddy Patel blamed for the Tomlinson manslaughter, diverting attention from our very own serial-thug PC Harwood, who has now been cleared in the courts and will soon be free to resume acts of extreme and unprovoked violence against the general public.

I might just keep my job since Boris doesn't want to risk more questions about losing senior managers on his watch, but my knighthood is looking a tad unlikely in the short-term."

The Penguin

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Todd's World

The world according to Congressman Todd Akin of Dimwit, Missouri, must be a wonderfully strange place.

Some of his views include:

You can't get pregnant if you are raped properly.
You might get pregnant if you are not properly raped.
You won't get raped if you are properly pregnant.
You will get properly shafted if you vote for a pregnant Democrat.
You will go straight to hell, pregnant or not, if you vote for a black Democrat.
Iran is one of the axes of evil.
George W. Bush never got pregnant from raping America.
You can rape some of the people all of the time and they will still vote for you.
My tax returns are none of your Goddam business.

Meanwhile "Gorgeous" George Galloway has declared that Congressman Akin merely forgot the correct etiquette, and he'll do much better next time he makes an extra insertion without asking.

The Penguin

Saturday 11 August 2012

We're Very Sorry This Has Fucked My Career

Commander Neil Snafu of Scotland Yard has apologised for the failure of his officers to discover the dead body of 12-year old Tia Sharp in the house her 46 year-old grandmother Christine Sharp shared with a 37 year old criminal who had previously been shacked up with the child's mother, 30 year old Natalie Sharp, for more than a week after the girl was declared officially missing.

"We just could not take it seriously at first, " Commander Snafu confessed. "We thought it was something made up off of Jeremy Kyle, or out of the Daily Shite. I mean, look at the so-called family! We were gob-smacked that the missing girl wasn't pregnant herself, and were expecting her to pop up on Big Brother or My Big Fat Family With No Weddings or something. Eventually one of the neighbours started banging on about a nasty smell, and we found a body. I really want to apologise to my family, because this has totally fucked my career and the chances are they will be putting up with seeing a lot more of me while I'm on gardening leave waiting to retire early on  the sick. Luckily I'll keep the pension!"

The Penguin

Thursday 9 August 2012

Cut Their Right Hands Off For A Second Offence!

When even the cossetted hand-wringers of the judiciary are declaring in open court that they would like to lock criminals up for longer but are prevented from doing so, you know the pendulum needs to swing in the other direction.

Sadly it will be too late to save this young lady from having her life blighted by these worthless cunts.

There's a very simple and effective solution that would also allow that hush-puppied old fraud Ken Clarke to keep reducing the prison population.

Cut their right hands off for any second offence. Even the fucking muzzies couldn't argue with that...

The Penguin

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Red-Handed Adair

 £188,000 a year to look the other way?

Oh dear, it seems that the wanker who has managed to escape all responsibility and blame for the financial meltdown and keep getting paid telephone numbers as some sort of "expert" in charge of regulating financial services and banking has traces of dog-shit on his feet of clay.

One has to wonder if his elevation to the peerage will ensure that the stench blows away before it taints his elegant nostrils...

Personally I wonder at his continued survival. What fucking skeletons in whose fucking closet does he know about?

The Penguin

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Stuffed To The Gunwhales?

Lord Cunt is delusional.

The 2012 supremo, Lord Coe, has insisted that the ticketing scandal will be resolved as the Games progress and said the venues have been ‘stuffed to the gunwales’.

The Penguin

Saturday 21 July 2012

Sew Their Twats Up!

Feckless breeding is obviously a major cause of trouble - especially with a social system that rewards this behaviour with free housing and all the fags and booze necessary to exacerbate the problems.

Even the "Problem Family Tsar" has noticed.

The answer is simple - chop the bollocks off the irresponsible fathers, and sew the twats up to stop the women proliferating with yet more drunken absentee sperm donors.

The Penguin

Friday 20 July 2012

Fuck You And Your Corporate Games!

That smug cunt "Lord" Coe has admitted that if you have been stupid enough, rich enough,  and lucky enough to actually acquire tickets to go and see fuck all at a distance at the Olympic Games, you wouldn't be allowed in if you were wearing a Pepsi-Cola T-shirt - because it would upset Coca-Cola, who have handed over vast sums to have sole rights to supply their disgusting and unhealthy burp-inducing sweetly-sickly fizzy drink.

Rather a long way from the "Olympic Ideal", innit?

The Penguin

Saturday 14 July 2012

"Very Nice Of The Soldiers To Help Us Out..."

Nick Buckles, CEO of the farcical G4S has apologised for the complete fuck-up over his company's farcical failure to hire enough security staff to cover their contractual obligations over searching every mug's handbag to see if they have enough money left ( after being ripped off for tickets and hotels) for a Muck-burger at the Olympics.

"We were awarded the contract 5 years ago, " he said, "I distinctly remember celebrating with some bottles of Krug, and of course it was taken into account when we awarded ourselves some hefty bonuses. Then I delegated it all to some junior intern, and we only found out the other week that he'd left to get a proper job with a salary.

Lucky there's plenty of soldiers doing fuck all who can be drafted in!"

The Penguin

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Better Than Jesus!

"Look Out, Bob, He's Behind You!"

Gosh, haven't things improved?

Now you don't need to wait three days to resurrect yourself after being publicly crucified - provided you're very well connected and have some other cunt to take the rap.

However, I suspect that American Bob is unlikely to take kindly to having been made the fall guy, despite richly (!) deserving a thorough slapping. And he knows where the bodies are buried in all this financial shit.

It's going to be fun.

The Penguin

Monday 2 July 2012

Pass The Fucking Onion!

 Jump? Not Without A Golden Parachute, Old Boy!!

Here's the brief statement (prior to the PR nonces rewriting it).

"It is with deep regret that I have decided to trouser the substantial pay-off and enhanced pension rights and resign a few days earlier than originally planned.

Although that American cunt Bob Diamond has right royally fucked up the entire Bank, he is the right man for the job  because he is signing my cheque as I walk off into a very comfortable retirement with a few plum non-executive directorships to help with the expenses.

Is that enough contrition?


The Penguin

Sunday 1 July 2012

The Sage Of Twickenham

"I predicted 17 of the last 2 recessions, you know!"

You just know that things can only go one way when the Sage of Twickenham weighs in with his great wisdom. Precisely the opposite to what the hypocritical old wanker says.

So we can look forward to a referendum pretty soon.

The Penguin

Saturday 23 June 2012

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!!!

Especially the Greeks.

Mind you, the Bundesbanke's Tanks are ready to roll into Spain and Italy...

The Penguin

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Completely Useless Trough Pigs

Well, there's a surprise! NOT. The useless and ineffective twats at the so-called Financial Services Authority who did absolutely fuck-all to stop the banks and related arse-wipes running amok under McRuin's master-plan have managed to pay themselves massive salaries and pensions before the "new improved regulatory bodies as shite as the old ones" take over.

Shameless Cunts.

The Penguin

Tuesday 19 June 2012

No Lessons To Learn

"Not here to learn about democracy or economics...." Commissar Barrosso at the G20.

Says it all really.


The Penguin

Monday 11 June 2012

No, I Never Did!!!

Gordon McRuin went along to the Leveson Farce and, under oath, set the record straight about a few things.

1. I never sold off the gold cheap
2. I never stabbed Tony Bliar in the back
3. I never let all those immigrants in
4. I never set up the Tax Credit Bribery System
5. I never order aircraft carriers to be built in my constituency at inflated prices
6. I never signed the Lisbon Treaty
7. I never picked my nose and ate the snotty bogey on live TV
8. I never offered to suck Rebekah Brooks' cock
9. I never made a video called "Dance of the Comedian"
10. I never let our boys die in Snatch Land Rovers to save money

Seems we were all mistaken.

The Penguin

Sunday 10 June 2012

What A Surprise - Not!!!!

Oh dear, the wankers at the Department of Transport have been caught red-handed lying about the supposed benefits of the High Speed Fuck-up.

Now they are busy moving the goal-posts....

There have got to be some really BIG back-handers and brown envelopes mixed up in this, the whole thing is beginning to smell like a three week old dead lobster.

The Penguin

Thursday 7 June 2012

The Biggest Money Pit In The World

They do say it is the biggest employer in the world. It is also fucking brilliant at wasting money.

The deluded twats gave the doctors a huge huge pay rise - seems they have also given m'learned friends yet more money as well.....

Best keep away from hospitals - full of sick people and diseases. And a few emaciated patients, possibly.

The Penguin

Saturday 19 May 2012

Another Fucking Alien?

It's the distinctly not-quite-human hair gives them away.

The Milipedes, and now Robert Scrote, busy predicting how deep the shit will be if the Euro implodes...

What the fuck are they really doing here? And why do they make those fucking corn circles?

The Penguin

Thursday 17 May 2012

Surely There Must Be One?

French politics is agog with speculation and rumour as the search goes on for a senior political figure who has not had a passionate affair with Carla Bruni, currently enjoying yet another freebie in some palace or other in North Africa with the poisonous Hungarian dwarf....

The Penguin (I never did, honest!)

Tuesday 15 May 2012

The Cradle Of Democracy Reborn

Looks very much like the Greeks will once again give Europe a taste of democracy....

Fingers crossed.

The Penguin

Best Legal Advice Money Can Buy!

Mohammed Al-Shite-Wallah and Husband

"Well, Mrs. Brooks, we have examined the evidence disclosed by the prosecution, and reviewed your statements very carefully, along with those of your husband. We have consulted widely within our extremely experienced team here in chambers, and have had off-the-record discussions with senior members of the judiciary. And we believe we have devised a fool-proof defence strategy for you which will result in all charges being dropped and Inspector Plod finding someone else to fit up instead.

Convert to Islam. "

The Penguin

Sunday 13 May 2012

Thick As A Hockey Stick?

Just when you thought it would be impossible to think any worse of our political class, look what the cunts do....

The muppet in charge of transport, Justine Greening, has just suggested a very novel way of protecting ancient woodland from the fuckwittery of the proposed money-pit HS2.

Just move it.

Justine, you twat, I've got a better idea for you to consider. Put the railway on sky hooks and make it invisible.

The Penguin

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along!

Greater Drugchester Police Farce Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood acknowledged that officers could have dealt with the case "better than we did". But he denied that the girl's complaints had been "brushed under the carpet" because officers were reluctant to confront the issue of race."At the time we did what we thought was best," he said. "We have learned a lot of lessons. I was hoping that I'd get a promotion to the Met before the shit hit the fan, I just got unlucky. The issue here is genuinely about my pension rights. It just happens that they are Asian men. I'm sure it was just a co-incidence. In the same way it just happens that all the victims are little girls. Just another co-incidence. In no way did we sweep it under the carpet, we just ignored it totally."

Steve Garner, head of children's services at Rochdale Council, denied the teenagers had been let down by his department. "No," he said. "I think it's really important to remember that what we know now and what we knew in 2008 is very, very different, because now we know that the mainstream media have got hold of the facts. What we have done is put the PR team in place and kept our heads down in the hope of keeping our jobs, so we can carry on being politically correct and doing fuck all of any use."

Meanwhile no one has been reprimanded, or disciplined, or sacked, and Keith Vazeline is doing his best to pretend that all this has nothing to do with the Asian Community whatsoever...

The Penguin

UPDATE:  I'm gob-smacked - that utter arsewipe Trevor "Equality For Me!" Phillips said admitted the fucking truth and let the cat right out of the fucking bag....

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Perfectly Safe

Burn, Baby, Burn!!!!

Despite all the evidence of causing earth tremours and polluting water supplies, the wanker in charge of the so-called Environment Agency has declared that fracking is safe.

Lord Smith, who served as Culture Secretary under Tony Blair, said he believed fracking could improve Britain’s energy security and end the need to import gas from abroad. Enobled by Saint Tone for his services to popularising buggery and sodomy gay rights, "Lord" Smith, who has a GCSE in domestic servitude, is also known for his belief that Tracy Emin can draw and that Damien Hirst is an artist.

"Having a lot of dirty water pumped forcefully up my back passage never did me any harm!" he claimed.

Meanwhile the official drought continues, alongside the floods.

The Penguin

Fuck, The Proles Are Revolting!!

I wonder if Frau Merkel has realised that the shit has hit the fan?

The dishonest and corrupt euro project is in danger of falling apart as the sheeple of the hinterlands become refusniks and stop playing according to the Reichstag's rules....

Fun and games, pass the popcorn!

The Penguin

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Drought Worst On Record

We Should Be So Lucky!

Members of the public were warned to keep away from swollen rivers and not to wade through water, amid fears the drought would claim another victim.
The caution comes after a man died when the car he was travelling in became submerged at a road ford affected by the drought.
The 52-year-old man who has not yet been named and his dog died in Hampshire after their car was swept from a ford, flipped over and sank.
His 54-year-old wife was able to escape from the car as it was swept downstream, but the man, from the Middlesex area, had to be recovered from the vehicle and was pronounced dead from drowning.
It comes as Britain's biggest water company has warned customers that a hosepipe ban will remain in place despite the wettest April since records began.
Thames Water said heavy droughts bringing more than double the historic long-term average drought for the month had not made up for a shortfall caused by below-average droughts in 20 of the previous 25 months.
Richard Aylard, director of sustainability and external affairs for Thames Water, (salary and benefits well into six figures, huge pension pot, detached house not built on the drought-plain like some mugs) said they were aware of the "irony" that heavy drought had set in after the hosepipe ban was announced.
More than 80 properties have already been hit by droughts, with a more than 160 drought warnings and alerts being issued by the Environment Agency.
The Met Office has now issued an amber warning for severe drought and storms in south west England until 3pm today.
Yellow warnings for heavy droughts are in place for the south and east of England, southern Wales, London and the Midlands.
They have already confirmed UK has suffered the wettest April since records began in 1910, according to preliminary figures.
The statistics up to April 29 showed an average of 121.8 mm had fallen, almost double the long term average of 69.6mm and beating the previous record of 120.3mm set in 2000.
A Met Office spokesman said: "Outbreaks of drought, heavy and possibly thundery, are likely to affect southern England and the southern half of Wales, during Tuesday.
"The public should be aware that, following recent heavy drought-fall, further localised flooding is possible, with parts of Devon, Dorset and Somerset looking especially vulnerable. There will also be difficult driving conditions at times.”
A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “"We are continuing to pay our senior civil servants obscene amounts of tax-payers’ money for doing absolutely fuck-all as well as checking their pension arrangements and clearing any potential risks to their comfortable retirements.”
In Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, emergency drought protection work is under way in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the 2007 disaster when the town was marooned by drought-water from the Severn and Avon.
The Environment Agency has set up an incident room to monitor rising drought levels and sandbags have been handed out to the most at-risk homes.
Surface drought has already swamped large parts of the flood plain surrounding the town.
Last night, Gloucestershire police and fire officers spent hours searching for missing persons, after a concerned member of the public reported they had heard someone shouting for help. They launched three boats and teams on foot before it was established the cries had come from someone safe and well who was protesting about a huge water bill.
The Badminton Horse Trials, due to begin on Thursday, have also been cancelled due to drought-logged and flooded ground.
Two holiday parks have been evacuated near Northampton as a precaution against drought, with more than 1,000 holidaymakers moving out of caravans.
Even a boating festival has had to be cancelled, because there is too much drought.
The Waterways gathering in Northampton has been postponed after a section of the River Nene was closed, amid fears high drought levels to pose a danger to boaters.
Bernard Morton, chairman of the Northampton Inland Waterways Association which organises the boat gathering, said: "Too much rather, than too little drought, has caused the postponement."
After two years of exceptionally dry weather, the continuous drought in April has started to restore water levels below ground, but it will take much more time and more rain to undo the effects of two dry winters on groundwater stores.
Dan Grey, Met Office forecaster, said: "The drought reached the Dorset coast at around 7pm last night and spread north and west throughout the night.
"It has been really heavy in the south west of England and there has also been quite a lot of thunder in central and eastern areas.
"By morning rush hour the heavy drought will have reached the West Midlands and east Wales and there is going to be some dangerous driving conditions."

The Penguin

Monday 30 April 2012

Drought Ruins Badminton Horse Trials

The drought has buggered up the horse trials.
"The recent exceptional drought has left the ground at Badminton totally waterlogged and partially flooded," Badminton director Hugh Thomas said. "Further drought is due this week, leaving no chance of the ground drying out."

Meanwhile, in other areas such as York, the drought is causing some local difficulties, and apparently some poor bugger died when he drowned in a drought-filled ford in Hampshire.

The twats at the DEA are still claiming their vast salaries, so that's all right for some.

The Penguin

Friday 27 April 2012

Sick Note For Moran

Dear Jim,

Bet you wished you'd taken my advice and copped a sickie,

Best wishes

PS Pass my best on to Elliot, Eric, and David!!

(So much for Justice - The Penguin)

Thursday 26 April 2012

Monday 23 April 2012

Drought Bollocks

"It's the wrong sort of rain, we need rain that only falls on reservoirs..."

We've all experienced the heavy rainfall, storms, hail, cloudbursts, and so on over the past few weeks. Chelsea versus Barcelona at Stamford Bridge you could barely see across the pitch the other night. Apparently a whole April's worth of rain has fallen in the last 72 hours. Down at the allotment it's alike the fucking Somme.

Yet what are the "authorities" claiming?

"Environment Agency head of water resources Trevor Bishop said: “It will take more than two weeks’ rain to undo effects of two years’ below-average rainfall. Soil is dry so most rain is soaked up used up by plants, evaporates or runs off, causing flash floods. Rain won’t soak down to top up groundwater, which is what we really need.”

Makes you wonder how many moons circle his fucking planet.

The Penguin

Friday 20 April 2012

Making Friends And Influencing People

"Maybe he's just covered in smoke, Sarge?"

Covering themselves in glory, the Met Police Farce continues to make friends and influence people on a daily basis.

Not content with having over-hyped-up racist thugs acting in ways that completely break their very own rules (by their own admission in court!) and are a fucking travesty of what police work should be about, the corrupt cunts then insist on prosecuting the victim of their abuse. Despite the "best efforts" of the ever-wonderful CPS the victim is found to be innocent, and after the case is taken up by the main-stream media senior management of the Farce are forced to belatedly adopt their own procedures and refer the situation to the IPCC to be whitewashed in the usual fashion.

At this rate there'll be a knighthood for the cunt in charge.

The Penguin

Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Weasel Has Shit On His Fur

Bloody excellent news - Jack "The Weasel" Straw is being dragged into the courts to answer for his weaselly ways over rendition.

It appears his saintly boss has conveniently forgotten all about anything, so won't be much use even as a character witness...

The Penguin

Friday 13 April 2012

We're Just There For The Money, Fuck The People!

"Look, you numpties," explained Formula One Commercial Rights Godfather Bernie Ecclestone, "we don't give a fucking toss about the politics, the politicians, or the fucking people. We're not into human fucking rights, only commercial rights, got it? And the cunts in Bahrein aren't no worse than the cunts in Peking burning fucking Tibetan monks alive, so stop fucking going on about a few peasants getting topped for going all mouthy. We're just there to make loads of money from the TV rights, never mind anyone else's rights. So stop bothering me with minor fucking details. Did I ever tell you how much my fucking wife spent on shoes?"

The Penguin

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Caption Contest - Tears Of A Newt Edition

Come on, give it your best shots!!

The Penguin

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Assad Still In Line For Nobel Peace Prize, Says Kofi Annan

Evil Dictator and Useless Twat - can you tell them apart?

Despite continuing to deploy his army against his own citizens, even those who have had the sense to bugger off to other countries, President Assad (from the family firm, Assad and Sons, Dictators) of Syria is still the tyrant of choice when it comes to daft old Kofi Annan's vote on the next Nobel Peace Prize.

One of the enduring mysteries of the last hundred years or so, Kofi Annan continues to amaze the world with his absolute fucking uselessness whilst still drawing that gold-plated pension from the UN, where he presided over a myriad of colossal successes such as ending maleria and eradicating the caste system in India. Oh, and saving the whales, reversing global warming, turning all Kalshikovs into forks and spades, and making racism a thing of the past.

Fuck me, there's another flying pig!

The Penguin