Friday 29 January 2010

Liar, Liar, Liar.

Nice listing of ten proven lies by Bliar.

The Penguin

Politician Criticised For Telling the Truth!

Hardly surprising that the likes of the Orange Twat are busily criticising MP David Davies for telling it like it is.

The surprise is that the MP for Monmouth had the guts to tell the truth about our Islamic Immigrants.

The Penguin

Wednesday 27 January 2010

"Lord Whitewash" Hutton Caves In!

Lord Hutton said: 'I consider that the disclosure of the report to doctors and their legal advisers for the purposes of legal proceedings would not undermine the protection which I wished to give to Alastair Campbell, Tony Bliar, Jack The Weasel Straw and That Cunt Geoff Hoon.'

Oh dear, it seems that the truth may yet emerge....what's that dreadful smell?

The Penguin

Tuesday 26 January 2010

New Photo Competition - Spot The Wanker!!

Jailed For Wanking - Should Have Listened To His Mum....

Tricky one, this.

Still, you can always have a guess!

The Penguin

Definitely the Hoon Of The Day

He's a charmer. That Queer Starmer.

The Penguin

That's Stormont Fucked, Then!

Just How Much Ugliness Can You Squeeze Into One Car?

I suspect the Stormont "Power Carve Up" will collapse completely now.

Poor Mr. Robinson not only has to put up with all his wife's little indiscretions and a spotlight veering rather close to his own financial affairs, now he's got Jonah McDoom jetting in, alongside that fat ugly porker from Dublin who sold the Irish down the EUSSR drain.

He's doomed!

The Penguin

Monday 25 January 2010

Banana Boy Millipede In Denial

"It's as obvious as this banana I'm holding!"

The alien-lookalike boy wonder David Millipede, taking a break from making a fool of himself rimming Hilary Clinton, declares that things have got better for the poorest in our country under the wondrous reign of Nu-Liebore.

Just what the cunt knows about living in poverty on a sink estate could be written on the tip of a fucking needle.

What a wankstain he is.

The Penguin

Sunday 24 January 2010

Did You Want Any More Proof?

Seems that Lord Hutton not only whitewashed the murder of Dr. David Kelly, but decided that the post mortem results had to be buried for 70 years.

Strong stench of cover-up?

The Penguin

Friday 22 January 2010

Another Spot The Liar Competition!

Getting Any Easier?

The Penguin

Thursday 21 January 2010

Are They Quite The Ticket?

The Detroit Underwear Arsonist - Mustapha Blista, a devout Muslim

Seems there's a bunch of McDoom-approved wankers calling themselves the National Association of Muslim Police who are complaining about Muslims being blamed for terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims.

You couldn't make it up!

The Penguin

Wednesday 20 January 2010

New Spot The Liar Competition!!

Go on, have a go!

The Penguin

Tuesday 19 January 2010

That's Cadbury's Jobs Fucked, Thanks Jonah!!

Cadbury workers can now expect the worst, thanks to Jonah McDoom weighing in with some stupid and fatuous remark of meaningless rubbish claiming to be "determined" that their jobs are secure.

What a fucking cunt that Jonah is! Why can't he just fucking shut up and stay in the bunker rather than blighting peoples' lives with his visitations and curses?

The Penguin

Friday 15 January 2010

Completely Divorced From Reality Or What?

The fuckwit who has been appointed chief plod in the shit-hole on earth that is South Wales has declared that he is now too important and too fucking precious to do his own fucking shopping.
I wonder what else he now has to have done for him? Is he still able to wipe his own arse? Does a hand-picked team of constables have to take turns shagging his fucking wife? Does he have someone to howl at the moon for him, or does he still feel able to do that for himself?

The complete wanker!

The Penguin

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Have These Perverts Been CREB Checked?


If so, then the process is a complete waste of time and money!

And if not, why not?

The Penguin

Lock The Bastard Up - And Take His Pension Away!

Seems things are not going to plan for dodgy Iranian corrupt Met cop Ali Dizaei.

His mean streak has rather fucked him, refusing to cough up a paltry £500 and then trying to fit up the bloke he owed the money to has blown up in his face.

Of course, he may have an easier time in court had he still been able to call upon the services of his compatriot, the charlatan "lawyer" friend of Keith Vaz, Shahrok Mireskandari, who sadly has troubles of his own.

The Penguin

Fucking Pathetic!

What a cowardly wuss District Judge Carolyn Mellanby is!

The Islamic Extremists are bang to rights on video, there is no way they are not guilty as charged - so she finds them guilty, and then lets them off with a paltry fine.

No wonder they see it as a victory. And she let them get away with contempt of court for fear of causing offence. Stupid bitch.

The Penguin

Monday 11 January 2010

Like Ferrets Fighting In A Sack, But Less Appealing.

"Just Getting One With Saving The World!"

Nuliebore's senior apparatchiks are busily ripping into each other.

It is truly gratifying to watch, especially as none of them are strong enough to finish any of the rest off, so it will run and run and run.

The sort of fight in which you hope they all lose, but only after being very severely injured. Hopefully terminally.

The Penguin

Sunday 10 January 2010

Fucking Hell! He's Even Worse Than We Thought!!

"For Fuck's Sake, Get Me Out Of Here! He's A Fucking Loonie!"

The Prime Mentalist is revealed to be even more spastic-autistic than we thought him to be.

Liebore's teenaged ex-General Secretary Peter Twatt, the fall guy from the dodgy donations scandal (I do wonder if the money has been paid over to the correct authorities yet?) has broken with convention and published a book about his time in the madhouse.

"Mr Watt also highlights Mr Brown’s “weird” behaviour, recalling a moment the Prime Minister threw a tantrum at a dinner party for American Democrat politicians after guests sat down without his permission.

Mr Watt said: “For the rest of the meal he was monosyllabic, sulking because he had lost control of the seating plan.

“The plates had not even been cleared when quite suddenly, without saying anything, he just got up and left.”

Says it all, really.

The Penguin

Friday 8 January 2010

Here's To You, Mrs Robinson, Jesus Loves You More Than You Can Know...

Whereas it seems young Kirk just fucked you for the funding.

The Penguin

Mad Bitch In Court

"You Know Who I Am!" "Yes, You Are A Cunt!"

Sadly she may not have to appear in person, but it is still quite gratifying the the ex-Solicitor General is in court over her motoring offences. However, why was the cunt not also charged with failing to stop and provide her insurance details as required by law? You or I would be charged, you can bet your last dollar on that, as it is an easy win for the CPS and more money for the treasury.

So why not charge the Harridan with that one?

Do you suppose it's because it's the one charge she could not plead "not guilty" to and therefore not get off on the benefit of the doubt and previous good character (!) malarkey? Fucking cynical old Penguin, eh?

Still, she's bang to rights in her very own Court of Public Opinion, and it seems she's none too popular with either Gordoom's cronies or his enemies for encouraging TCH and Hewitt and then evaporating once she smelled which way the winds were blowing.

The Penguin

Thursday 7 January 2010

Let's Hope That's Millipede's Goose Cooked For Good!

If there's one good thing apart from the failure of the Hoon and Hewitt "plot" it is the wondrous performance of David "Gooning Boy" Millipede, whose dithering and cowardly behaviour should finally fuck up his chances of ever becoming leader of the NuLiebore Band Of Brothers.

Famous for his Banana Waving before being slapped down as a "novice" the strange alien also bottled when his friend Purnell resigned, and now he's done a strange McCavity impression to leave that poor cunt Hoon and that silly bitch Hewitt standing there like pork pies at a Jewish Wedding.

Meanwhile Gordon limps on towards a deserved kicking by the electorate.

The Penguin

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Silence Is Golden, Shit Is Brown.

Odd how there's a deathly silence from all of the supposedly loyal Cabinet heavyweights in the Prime Mentalist's Government Of All The Wankers over the call by That Cunt Hoon and the dreadful Hewitt harridan for a secret ballot of the Parliamentary Labour Party over the question of McCavity's lack of leadership.

Where's Mandy? Is Ed Balls too busy sucking McDoom's cock to make a statement? The Badger? Jack the Weasel?

Poor Snotty, truely a man with no real friend in all the world.

The Penguin

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

"No more Boom and Bust!"

Oh dear, it seems that The Prime Mentalist's spin-machine is totally out of control. Now they lies they peddle are refuted before the fucking ink is dry on the newsprint!

The other day the White House blew Gordoom's claims on Yemen out of the water, and today they are rubbishing his claims to have told US intelligence agencies about the Detroit Underwear Arsonists links to extremists.

Snotty is becoming an international joke with our supposed main ally. Maybe they've noticed that he keeps blaming them for the recession which "started in America?"

The Penguin

Saturday 2 January 2010

Hard To Believe, Even For Nu-Liebore

Bad and Mad

Hot on the heels of Chief Weasel Jack Straw's attempt to curry favour with the electorate by hypocritically bashing the police comes news of the appointment of Harriet Harmperson as Nu-liebore's "face of the election campaign".

Given that they have the most hated twat in Great Britain as the Prime Mentalist, one might understand them wanting to have someone else fronting their efforts to hoodwink the electorate yet again, but it is a strange choice.

The mad bitch will surely do a wonderful job of ensuring they bury themselves.

The Penguin

Friday 1 January 2010

British Jobs For Foreign Workers!

Seems even the government's own statistics are showing the Prime Mentalist to be a mendacious lunatic.
Not only has the last decade been the worst for overall economic growth since records began, thanks to his "No More Boom and Bust" policies and profligate throwing of money at problems rather than addressing them, but his "British Jobs For British Workers" sound-bite continues to resonate with all the clarity of a fart in a jamjar.

He should do the decent thing - drink the whisky and then shoot himself. Then he won't have to read about just what a useless wanker he has been when the shit really hits the mass media after the election.

The Penguin