Saturday 29 October 2011

How Very Strange?

"They Don't Like It Up Them, Captain Mainwaring, Sir!"

How strange that Saif Al-Islam Quaddafi is trying to negotiate a surrender to the cushy holiday camp in the Hague and to face war crimes charges there.

I mean, why on earth would he want to avoid being a martyr to the cause like good old dad?

Anyone would think he didn't fancy being beaten to a pulp and buggered with an iron rod before being shot.

The Penguin

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Rot In Perpetuity

So they have buried Mad Dog Quaddafi and his son in unmarked graves at a secret location, having avoided the costs and fuss of a trial and imprisonment by expediently bumping them off.

They have also created a whole new enterprise scheme for entrepreneurial Libyans, who can start up companies offering guided tours of the "secret graves".

Bloody smart, really.

The Penguin

*"With his stupid face, the glasses, and the gun"

Saturday 15 October 2011

More Stupidity, But No One Will Get The Sack

"Move Along, No-one To Be Disciplined Here, Sir!"

We live in a time when calling 999 to report the theft of lead on a roof gets the response of "Sorry, it would be too dangerous for us to investigate because we'd have to use a ladder" and calling 999 to report an attack on a girl in a car gets allocated a 4-hour response target, but when some idiot reports a Canada Goose culled on a gold course the police farce swing into action, and the CPS waste public money prosecuting.

Fortunately in this case the magistrates threw it out, because:
1. The perpetrator had a perfectly valid shotgun licence
2. He had the requisite licenses to cull the goose for legal reasons
3. He had the permission of the golf course management to shoot on the premises

Ignoring the busy-body who reported it to the police, what is the mind-set of the police in bothering to pursue this whilst ignoring real crimes? It rather looks like the "go for the easy target" approach in my opinion.

The Penguin

PS Here's another fine example!

Thursday 13 October 2011

The Alice In Wonderland World Of Dave "Scoffer" Hartnett

Must be fantastic (in every sense) to be Dave "Scoffer" Hartnett, the apparently unsackable twat in charge (!) of Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs.

Paid a modest £160,000 plus all the free lunches and dinners and overseas trips he can fit in between presiding over fuckup after farce after fuckup at HMRC, he shakes hands on a deal to let those Masters of The Universe Goldman Sachs off a paltry £10 million quid after five years of being buggered about, and then blatantly lies to the Parliamentary Committe, saying he doesn't have anything to do with their tax affairs.

I'd have thought £10 million quid was quite a lot to do with their tax affairs, and even that useless hypocrite Margaret "No Kiddy Fiddling Here" Hodge suggested he was lying.

Turns out he was just dragged into the room to kiss their ring-pieces because his junior staff had upset them, and no other senior official knew anything about tax, so it had to be him. As, apparently, it often has to be. Luckily in this tim eof cutbacks and austerity they are recruiting 2 more Commissioners who they hope might know something about tax. I don't suppose that means they'll be sacking the others, sadly.

Never mind, I'm sure the huge increase in the penalty regime for ordinary tax payers being a few days late filing returns or getting confused over the complicated rules and regulations will be used wisely to pay these chaps inflated salaries and expenses. It won't be wasted at a tax office near you, where you used to be able to go for help and advice, they've been closed.


The Penguin

Saturday 8 October 2011

Working His Nuts Off?

Nice work if you can get it, Chief Cuntstable.

High time we had elected Police Commissioners answerable to the local people whose taxes pay for these trough pigs.

The Penguin