Thursday 21 May 2009

Cowardly And Hypocritical, And Counter-Productive!

"Look Out, Your Majesty, There Might Be Patriots About!"

For fucks sake, leave the fucking BNP alone! What's with all the fuss if Nick Griffin, along with hundreds of other people, gets to go to one of Brenda's Garden Parties? Who gives a fuck?

Do they check every guest to see if they belong to any particular political party?

The BNP may be barking, obnoxious, deeply unpleasant, or it may be entirely peopled by folk destined for sainthood - or it may like all the fucking rest of the fucking parties be peopled by a huge range of folk from saint to sinner. Fact is, it is a legitimate political party, and to demonise it is plain daft.

And gives them more publicity than they probably deserve.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Am I the only one thinking he can fire off a few wog/paki jokes with Phil the Greek?

Hacked Off said...

This chap, a respectable sort, got an invite to one of the Buck House Garden Parties. He was delighted, being an ardent Royalist, and so he hired the full monty for the occasion.

He was mortified when the Royals walked right past him without stopping, and then even more mortified when he saw Prince Philip stop and exchange a few words with a very scruffily dressed bloke further along the line of guests. He waited his chance, and then grabbed the scruffy bloke, and offered to give him £100 to swop clothes behind the bushes.

When the Royals returned along the line, the Queen walked straight past our hero once more, but to his delight Philip stopped.

"I thought I told you to fuck off!"
he said.

Dr Evil said...

Well said. I think you got spot on. And as yet staffed only by potential trough snorklers, not actual ones.