Thursday 29 March 2012

Yet Another Rat Dives Overboard

Supposed to be a picture but I can't get the cunting thing to load...

How come plod can simply "retire" when faced with disciplinary proceedings and thus escape to draw their gold-plated tax-payer-funded fucking pensions?

Dick Head Federico, the tosser in charge of cock-sucking Rupert Murdoch and his minions at the Met has been on well-paid fucking holiday since last August while the fuckwits faffed about deciding whether is conduct was sufficiently bad to require them to do anything. As soon as they agreed to open disciplinary proceedings, he ducks into retirement...

Next thing the cunt will pop up as a consultant for ACPO.

The Penguin

Monday 26 March 2012

Do You Suppose Any Of Them Were Black?

Odd how there's not mention whatsoever concerning the ethnicity of these three hoodlums in the dear old right-on lefty Grauniad.

And where's that gob-shite Dianne Abbott when there's this sort of black kids run amok shit? No fucking where to be seen.

Shame she's not like that ALL of the time.

The Penguin

Sunday 25 March 2012

Secrets Of The Trough

"Don't Worry, We'll Bury The Evidence - Keep Troughing!!!"

Fuck me, do they think we've forgotten or forgiven?

Looks very much like the new gamekeepers have gone native, what a surprise. Look what they did to Ms. Filkin...

The Penguin

Wednesday 21 March 2012

What A Disgusting Organisation!

Surely the Roman Catholic Church is the most disgusting organisation in recorded history?

With a history including the genocide of the Cathars, the atrocities of the other Crusades, political intrigue and interference, the charming Inquisition, financial "irregularities", child sex abuse, and now it seems arranging to have young men who complained of being abused castrated as some sort of punishment - and all based on hijacking some perverse death cult involving a supposedly benevolent sky pixie with a major personality disorder?

The Penguin

Thursday 8 March 2012

Our Police Are Wonderful (But Only AFTER The Event)

Isn't it amazing how brilliant ex-cop Bob None-too-Quick used to be, in his own humble estimation?

Such a shame he was brought low by jealous colleagues, fearful of the Tory grandees, when he was busy conducting a fearless investigation into journalists corrupting coppers - errrrr, sorry, when he had fucked up big time by over-stepping the mark to please the cunt in charge of the Home Office over leaks.

Still, good to see that he's happy to shit all over Yates No-Longer-Of-The-Yard....

Hope his limo business now has the right insurances and licences, he might find himself pulled over by a corrupt pissed-off colleague.

The Penguin