Wednesday 13 May 2009

Custard Pie Admits They Were Wrong - But It Was All Bigger Boys Fault!

"Where's Joanna When I Need Her?"

Phil "Custard Pie" Woolas was forced by the overwhelming facts to admit that the government got it wrong (by a factor of ten times or more) when estimating numbers of immigrants from Eastern Europe, and therefore failed to put in place the necessary systems and facilities to alleviate the impact on services and communities.

But as ever with NuLiebore, someone else is to blame. The other countries in the EUSSR didn't play fair - they limited numbers they were prepared to admit, thereby protecting their own workers and communities.

Didn't stop Jonah McBroon trying to claim "British Jobs For British Workers" a few years later when they all knew the scale of the problem. Lying cunt.

The Penguin.

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microdave said...

When will these tossers either:
a) Get us out of the EU, or
b) Start playing the system in OUR favour (like the rest of them), instead of expecting everybody to be good little johnnies, and all abide by the rules.

As we are still a major financial contributor to the corrupt project, we have the ultimate sanction available - withholding payments.

Oh, and I forgot, this is still an Island, so let's make use of the convenient stretch of water around us, and start enforcing our borders.

Try getting into Australia without a good reason. The last time I went there (even with a valid passport & visa) I was greeted by customs & immigration that could have been straight out of "Cell Block H"