Monday 18 May 2009

Never Mind, Mrs Ruth Gadd, A Few Hail Marys Will Sort It Out

"Hail Mary, Full Of Grace, Save Me From The Expenses Disgrace!"

Luckily for Ruth Gadd, aka "Miss" Ruth Kelly, former Education Minister and Hypocrite, she's a fervent left-footer and a member of the secretive Opus Dei sect for the Brothers and Sisters Of Perpetual Misery, so any embarrassment she may be feeling over the revelations of her troughing habits will be swiftly assuaged by toddling along to see some dodgy Catholic cleric, assuming she can find one not embroiled in a kiddy fiddling scandal, make a clean breast of it (there's an image!) and get away with a few Hail Marys and a few quids worth of candles (for which she'll doubtless get a receipt).

Thus forgiven by the Invisible Sky Pixie, she'll be able to resume troughing with a clear conscience.

The Penguin

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