Thursday 14 May 2009

Very Convenient, All That Shredding

Only Needs An Apple In His Mouth

Call me a cynical old Penguin if you must, but I do not see the convenient shredding all of expense claims and receipts prior to 2005 as good housekeeping. It is blatant cover-up.

Companies and individuals are required by law to keep record for 6 years.

The shredding, ordered by that fat Scottish Trough Pig Speaker Martin in the face of requests under the Freedom Of Information Act, was on the face of it illegal.

Worse, they managed "accidentally" to destroy Tony Bliar's expense claims and receipts even before the massed shredding was ordered, although they were subject to a specific FOI request.

Just coincidence? Do you still believe in Father Christmas?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter - shred away!

Just follow where the money went and it'll be there in black and white. That's what fraud investigators do - because fraudsters dont keep receipts now do they?

They are a bunch of crooks and they're not stealing from me anymore. I'm saving up my tax money for a bigger house! I want one of those moat things as well.

Oldrightie said...

As posted about and around. This whole expenses stuff is a Jimmy/Mandy plot!

microdave said...

"Only Needs An Apple In His Mouth"
And a grenade up his arse....