Wednesday 13 May 2009

Spot The Difference.

Loads of MPs caught fraudulently claiming expenses. Much hand wringing and offers to pay some back.

Three policemen thought to have fiddled their expenses. Arrested.

Let's hope that the Met is as thorough with the complaints that have been made against ministers!

The Penguin


Goodnight Vienna said...

Seconded! If it applies to us and to the Police, why not to MPs? Misconduct in public office, false accounting - there must be a convenient loophole somewhere, created by the MPs themselves of course.

Joe said...

If memory serves, I read a peice years ago that stated that the pay for MP's should be somewhere around that for Majors in the army. At the moment that pay is around 45-56k p/a (MP's pay is currently 64.5k p/a) so considering they're all around 10k p/a up, they should stop whinging - at the very, very least, apologise and repay any money wrongly claimed ( and pray to fuck that we don't have them a) banged up or b) strung up.

Andy Hulne for example, £119 on a trouser press, yep, I'd let him have that....except it went to his constituacy home, not his london pad, and yes maybe I'd be a touch leinient....5k on gardening, to the tower with him.

I can see a trouser press being, if not esential, then pretty close too it. Gardening at your constituancy home??? How in the name of fuck does that help you do your job as an MP???

Hell the fella from Luton, who was a union man, claimed about £1100 p/a averaged over the last 4 years.
Kinda pisses all over wee Micky.

Those who've been caught snouts deep, charge them with fraud, theft and deception, and take their houses off them under the proceeds of crimes act. Left homeless? If Baroness Udin hasn't got them all there's bound to be some council slums left somewhere.

There and that's my tu'pence worth on it!

panavia999 said...

I rather wish you would not use photos of pigs to illustrate the sins of these greedy politicians and bureaucrats.
Pigs are nice animals. Smart, friendly, entertaining, good pets and delicious to eat.
One can't say the same about pols and bureacrats! It's just so unfair to the swine to compare them to these people.

Hacked Off said...

Actually I agree. Pigs are much much nicer than politicians.

manwiddicombe said...

Smart, friendly, entertaining, good pets and delicious to eat.
One can't say the same about pols and bureacrats!
You've tried either a) domesticating one or b) varying your diet in a cannibalistic way? I think a C4 documentary is on the cards!