Monday 18 May 2009

Weasel Worded Cunt Without Shame Or Honour!

"Expense Fiddling Masterclass 101! Today We Look At Mortgage Interest!"

Ben Chapman, NuLiebore MP for Wirral South should get a prize (nice piano wire necklace?) for brass neck and shameless corrupt bullying of the Fees Office staff.

Proven to have claimed around £14,000 of non-existent mortgage interest because he was able to pay off early an astonishing £295,000 or so from the loan on his London house, he states it was a long time ago and so he'll keep it.

His other troughing habits are equally repulsive, as is a scrutiny of his correspondence withthe Fees Office.

“This is neither acceptable nor impressive,” he wrote. “To say that I was not best pleased . . . is putting it mildly.

“It is not for me to carry the burden for inefficiency in the fees office . .  . I am not prepared to have my cash flow affected again.”

Fucking cunt.

The Penguin


UB41 said...

lol, did you see the £100-£250 WEEKLY bill for gardening?

Just seen him coming out of his gaff, doesn't even have a fron garden so it must be like a golf course out the back!

microdave said...

So not only do they create a corrupt system, they have the brass necked cheek to complain when it's not corrupt enough???? FFS!!