Friday 30 December 2011

Treacherous Bastard Still Lying To Protect His "Reputation"

"My masters in Brussels have instructed me to get rid of Margaret Thatcher"

Lord Howe, the erstwhile Chancellor whose treachery and disloyalty was largely responsible for stabbing Margaret Thatcher in the back and bringing about the demise of the best Prime Minister this country has had in living memory, is desperately trying to weasel his way out of the official records of his time in office.

He is claiming that his written advice to abandon Liverpool to "managed decline" in favour of potentially more productive areas such as the West Midlands or the North East is somehow not the sort of thing he would have done, especially as a Merseyside MP.

What a filthy bit of shit he is. I wonder if the good folk of Liverpool will take kindly to these revelations - I don't suppose the weasel still has a home there now he doesn't need their votes to keep his snout in the trough.

The Penguin

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Saving Money At The Sales

Excellent News from Oxford Street!

The tax-payer has saved a small fortune in not having to pay to have black teenage gangster and shoplifter banged up in prison and kept on a life-time of benefits. Result!!

Probably loads more saved in not having to support a whole raft of illegitimate bastards he could have fathered as well.

All in all, quite pleasing.

The Penguin

Monday 26 December 2011

Time To Apologise, Tam Dalyell

At last the proof is out in the open, that the sinking of the Belgrano was perfectly valid and justified as it was obeying Agentinian orders to proceed into the exclusion zone, not sailing for port as some have erroneously claimed.

High time that sanctimonious and hypocritical Scottish windbag and expense trougher "Tam Dalyell" made a very humble apology to Margaret Thatcher.

Fat chance, of course, these champagne socialists are incapable of admitting they were wrong, and the Scottish variety are the very worst sort.

The Penguin

PS Actually Sir Thomas Dalyell Loch, 11th Baronet

Saturday 24 December 2011

Super Mario

The Penguin

Happy Christmas, You Huhne!

Fingers crossed that the wankers at the CPS don't bottle it, it's a open and shut case.

 Shame that the Huhne is unlikely to face doing a stretch, though.

The Penguin

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Quick!! Build Boris Island and Leave The EUSSR

The fuckwits at the EUSSR commissariat are trying to tax global airlines over their carbon footprints.

Golden Opportunity Knocks!!

Build Boris Island only even bigger, and link it into another Channel Tunnel (without letting any Frogs or Jeeermans have any shares). Leave the EUSSR and clean up, as we'd not only have all the banking transactions and financialservices, we'd have all the flights as well. Landing fees, duty frees, jobs....

Come on, Dave, get with the moment!

The Penguin

Covering Up The Cover Up

It's always the cover-up that gets them in the end.

We've now had the cover-up of the cover-up of the white-wash.

Sooner or later the truth will out. Keep Sweating, Bliar.

The Penguin

Monday 19 December 2011

The Kim Is Dead, Long Live The Kim

Odd how so-called "communist" North Korea seem to have an aristocracy and hereditary rights to the throne for the "royal" family.

While their people starve, the presumably well-fed military keep the Kims in power.

Now that poor old fruit-cake Kim Jog Off has popped his clogs - probably through over-indulgence in lobsters and fine French wines - the fat-faced Kim Jog On takes his place.


The Penguin

Friday 16 December 2011

Awww, The Poor Trough Pig Is "Unfit" To Plead

Doesn't it just wrench at your heart-strings to see how poor little trough-pig Margaret Moron has let herself go since the expenses scandal?

I mean, I don't think she was that fit in the first place, personally, but she's definitely on the untouchable list now.

The Penguin

Monday 12 December 2011

Another Beneficial Side Effect

Wanker's Cramp Demonstrated

Apart from being enormously welcome as a step on the path to telling the EUSSR to fuck off and die horribly, Dave's veto has had a very beneficial side effect.

It has shown up just what a two-faced spineless cowardly treacherous traitorous cunt Nick Clegg really is.

Come the time for the boot to be put in, he's given all of his political opponents silver-plated bullets to shoot him with. He really is a light-weight even amongst the likes of Saint Vince and That (Other) Cunt Huhne.

The Penguin

Saturday 10 December 2011

Another Incompetent Turd Keeps Floating To The Top

Christ On A Bike, just how do these fuckwits keep a job, let alone keep getting promoted?

Dave "Free Lunches" Hartnet gets to retire with millions of pounds worth of pension and perks rather than being sacked for gross incompetence and taking too many "free" lunches and dinners with folk who don't pay nearly enough tax, and is being replaced with the serially fucking useless Lin Homer, who presided over the Birmingham ballot-rigging and the UK Borders Agency fiascos.

Surely there has to be someone marginally capable they could promote instead of this twat?

The Penguin

Friday 9 December 2011

Ugly Looking Woman Of The Week

Arbeit macht frei, anyone?

The Penguin

So Much For The Wind Farms

Proves just how useful they are.

Like a chocolate teapot.

The Penguin

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Re-Writing Recent History?

"Lord" Stevens, who was such a brilliant Commissar of the Metropolitan Police Farce has been asked by "Yvette" Balls to head up a talking shop to look into policing.

Is this the same top copper on whose watch an innocent electrician was murdered on an underground train - but no worries, promotions all round for the guilty parties?

Is this the same top copper on whose watch crime fell to such low levels that locksmiths in London were topping themselves because householders were able to leave their doors open?

Is this the same top copper on whose watch scum like Dodgy Dizai played the race card to achieve unwarranted promotion?

Is this the same top copper on whose watch the lucky denizens of London had a policeman permanently positioned on every street corner twenty-four seven?

Is this the same top copper on whose watch the initial enquiry into phone hacking was such a thorough-going success leading to loads of prosecutions and convictions and an end to sleaze in the tabloids?

Is this the same top copper who was so admired by his police authority that the Mayor of London begged him not to take early retirement?


The Penguin

Saturday 3 December 2011

What A Brilliant Choice!

The thugs who run Bahrein have chosen most wisely.

If you want a whitewash, Yates ex-of the Yard is the man.

The Penguin