Friday 31 December 2010

Spot The Bigot

Or the Bogey?

Happy New Year!!

The Penguin


Thanks for the colours.

The Penguin

Value For Money?

The imbeciles in the lunatic and criminal NuLiebore governemnt pissed some £292 MILLION of taxpayers' money away on their fucking useless ID card scheme, which even now that little wanker Andy "Eye Liner" Burnham is trying to claim was a great success.

Far from it, it was a complete horlicks.

For fuck's sake, I could have told them that Alan Johnson is a streak of stale piss for a whole lot less. A Proper "Specimen".

The Penguin

Tuesday 28 December 2010

Bird Flu

Sorry, sick as a Penguin.

Great Timing...

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Friday 24 December 2010

Truly Ironic

Poor Tommy "The Swinger" Sheridan faces jail time for telling lies.

There are hundreds more politicians who should be in the same boat.

The Penguin

Thursday 23 December 2010

Main Stream Media Strangely Silent

Rashel Hussain

Although the Daily Rage has reported some of the facts of the case of some poor bastard savagely beaten up by a gang of thugs, there seems to be aspects that they are strangely silent about.

The photographs and the names of the scum would seem to indicate that they are possibly Muslim and foreign. Are they yet more of our illegal immigrants? And why is there no-one from the religion of peace condemning their actions?

The Penguin

Tuesday 21 December 2010

More Black On Black Killing

"I've fucked up, haven't I?"

Depressingly familiar, another apparently innocent victim of gang violence taking bullets meant for other "gangstas".

Worse, and altogether far too fucking common, one of the perpetrators was on early release from prison for stabbing someone.

What the fuck is it with the "Criminal Justice System"? And why is that fat cunt Ken Clarke even thinking about?

The Penguin

Oh No!! Yoda Dead He Is!!

Bad news for the few remaining Jedi Knights.

Yoda dead he is.

The Penguin

Saturday 18 December 2010

The Elephant In The Courtroom

What a surprise!

The man who rather over-reacted to being asked for his bus ticket and stabbed three of plod's finest turns out to be called John Paul Onyenaychi.

What is the likelihood of it eventually emerging that the gentleman is in fact black? Like the vast majority of those arrested for knife crimes in the UK...

The Penguin

Friday 17 December 2010

Greatest Actress My Arse!

That's Probably Illegal, Muffin The Mule In Public.

How on earth can a bunch of up-their-own-fundament lovies have decided that Judi Dench is the greatest ever actress?

She looks like a pug with a bad haircut and you never think of her as anything other than "Judi Dench playing so-and-so".

The Penguin

Thursday 16 December 2010

Human Rights? Taking The Piss, More Like!!!

All human rights are equal, but some human rights are more equal than others?

How on earth is it any sort of justice or in any way at all fair that a failed asylum seeker with a string of criminal convictions who killed a little girl in a hit and run accident whilst banned from driving gets just 2 fucking months in jail followed by a lengthy legal farce at tax payers' expense resulting in him being allowed to stay in the UK because he's banged two kids out of some slapper?

Is it because he's a follower of the Child Molester's religion of peace and suicide bombers?

The Penguin

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Monday 13 December 2010

Skinflint Adulterer To Live Alone

Not Even With Yours And Two Paper Bags!

Chris Huhne really is a little shit.

He has declared that he's going to live alone rather than set up home with the rug-muncher he "cured" at the expense of his marriage - because it'll save him a few quid on maintenance.

"Divorce lawyer Sarah Thompson, a partner at solicitors Russell, Jones and Walker, said: ‘By indicating that he intends to live alone, he is saying that he will not be sharing any household bills and that his future disposable income will be lower than if he were cohabiting or married.

‘A lower disposable income means he can expect to pay a lower level of maintenance than if he were living with someone.’"

Or maybe he's just realised that waking up next to Carina every morning would be a nightmare he just can't face?

The Penguin

Friday 10 December 2010

How Fucking Stupid Is The Criminal Justice System?

The astonishing fuck-wittery that is the so-called Criminal Justice System continues to astonish and astound with seeming un-ending examples of being beyond parody.

They have just wasted thousands of pounds giving some lad a criminal record for borrowing his mate's gym membership for an hour. The fucking gymnasium didn't lose a fucking brass fucking farthing, they'd already got their fucking money from his mate's membership, so what the fuckety-fuck loss have they suffered? Cunts!! And the what a fucking waste of Plod's time. Still, apart from the hassle of having to leave the warmth and comfort of the Police Station, a nice easy collar and result, and saved them having to do anything fucking useful or productive in preventing crime or dealing with anti-social behaviour. Much easier.

Then there's the complete cluster-fuck that is the CPS. Sooner this lot of incompetent twats are sacked the better.

Finally there's the fucking tossers running the courts. Why the fuck did they not just say "This is bollocks, go home son!"? Because they are cunts.

The Penguin

Thursday 9 December 2010

Monkey Business

"Back In The Bad Old Days I Used To Sweep The Floor!"

I have no idea what the actual facts are in the murder of poor Anni Dewani, but there is a strong stench of corruption hanging over the South African Police handling of the case. I can understand that the authorities are concerned over the image of South Africa as a safe tourist destination, but this is hardly going to impress anyone with more than one brain cell.

Apart from the allegations of having confessions beaten out of the murderers, and the grubby plea-bargaining by the driver who is getting a lesser sentence for implicating the husband, it is beyond belief that the fuckwit in charge has declared not only Shrien Dewani to be guilty but that he is a monkey.

What hope for a fair trial in these circumstances?

The Penguin

Wednesday 8 December 2010

The Teflon Is Wearing Thin, Tony!

Poor Tony the Phoney Bliar. After all those years of getting away with it, it seems that just like those teflon-coated non-stick pans, the teflon is beginning to wear a bit thin and flakey.

Still, I have no doubt that the lying treasonous hypocritical cunt will trot out his usual smarmy platitudes and excuses. Then he can trot along to confess, say a few Hail Mary's and all will be well with the Great Pixie In The Sky continuing to rain His blessings down upon him.

The Penguin

Tuesday 7 December 2010

More Hypocrisy From Polly Twaddle

Tuscan Villa Owned Through A Front Company, Anyone?

Just how on earth can anyone take that silly hypocritical twat Polly Toynbee seriously? Now the cunt is banging on about tax avoidance - conveniently forgetting how she and her unspeakable husband have carefully contrived their affairs so as to avoid paying as much tax as possible.

She and her fellow champagne socialists at the Grauniad and the BBC should be hung drawn and quartered in the good old traditional way as a warning to other traitors, and their goods and chattels and estates forfeit to the crown - could pay for quite a few front line services all told.

The Penguin

Saturday 4 December 2010

Worth Seeing Again (And Again!)

The Penguin

Friday 3 December 2010

Message for President Karzai

A Greasy Little Crook

Dear Mr President

Since you don't think much of our troops who have been getting killed so you can remain in office and stealing millions, we're bringing them home. Immediately. End of.

The Penguin