Friday 15 May 2009

Justice Minister Milking The System

"You Can't Criticise Me, I'm A Minority!"

Justice Minister Shahid Malik certainly makes sure he gets every penny he can screw out of the taxpayer, and it seems he is also not averse to screwing his friendly landlord either, paying him well below the market rate for the Dewsbury property he spends weekends at.

The house he bought in South London 4 years before becoming an MP has been designated as his second home. It must have been very uncomfortable for poor Shahid living there before he got onto the gravy train and was able to spend taxpayers' money on furnishing and equipping it.
Still, he's probably fireproof, being ethnic and moslem and the postal vote and all.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

No, he is a dirty thieving fucking paki whose been caught with his greedy snout in the trough. They're all scum - period! Find me one paki in a position of trust who hasn't betrayed? Uddin and now him. Fucking wanks!

They might not like pigs, but they sure as hell fucking act like them.

I'll be writing to him telling him exactly what I think and that he should fuck off and earn some money for a change. If they're not sponging, they're ripping us off.

Fucking dirt - the lot of them. I blame Jacqui for this immigration shite. Of all the places in the world - Pakistan has the lowest form of scum and she's opening the doors to them - for fuck sake!

They breed like fucking animals and will soon outnumber the whole planet if you let them. Never give these scum anything for free.

Anonymous said...

You really need to see this to understand just exactly what Shahid Malik thinks of us Dhimmi fools...

October 2008:Shahid Malik muslim labour MP

Anonymous said...

The British government are letting them doing it and encouraging them. He's a fool for believing it's right to have 20 or so muslim MPs and the government are fools for believing that the public will let them get away with it.

They must all go - especially him.

Gareth said...

I doubt he's screwed his landlord. There *will* have been something in it for him - cash in hand? A chummy MP to stick an oar into matters now and then? Who knows.