Tuesday 19 May 2009

Are Government "Lords" Able To Claim Attendance And Other Allowances?

Just thought!

Do the likes of Voldemort and Myners who are on the Government Payroll as Cabinet Ministers also qualify for attendance allowance and second home fiddles a la Baroness Uddin?

Anyone know?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...


All to be found here

Sue said...

That's what I found too, but not all the information seems to be there.

Members of the House Lords Attendance Expenses (PDF)

Sue said...

I notice Baroness Uddin has claimed nearly 30,000k for overnight subsistence and puts her main residence as Kent!

Mmmmm... that looks suspicious, don't you think?

Oliver Cromwell's Ghost said...

Do bears shit in the woods, is the Pope....

Sue said...

Yep, especially as almost all the others on the list who cite their location of main residence as "London" have claimed "NIL".

She lives in Tower Hamlets as we all know, not Kent.

She must be claiming subsistence for her marble mansion in Bangladesh.

I'm getting a bit angry again now!

UB41 said...

We should push for FOI on this stuff as well.

I'm sure there is just as much dirt on those "integrity beyond question"

Anonymous said...

EU Plan Pt7 – Destroy the Authority of Parliament
by IanPJ on Mon 18 May 2009 12:01 BST | Permanent Link | Cosmos
I am today going to question the motives of the Daily & Sunday Telegraph in its expose of MP’s expenses, the timing of such, and whether there is more to this than meets the eye. Well yes, I do believe there is.

The timing, just before EU elections is important to understand. The EU vision of a single European State run along regional lines with no more nation states is very important to understand, and the next stage in its Project Destroy Britain is at work here. The British voter is being used and manipulated.

They need to show that the people of Britain don’t care about politics any more, they only care about sleaze and corruption, and that ‘alternative’ political solutions need to be found. They need to corrupt the British voters perception of democracy.

How better to discredit the very idea of Nation States, the ability to govern at a national level, that democracy has failed, than to destroy the reputations of those elected to do that governing, and then go on to destroy the Authority of Parliament itself.

What we have seen happening over the past 2 weeks, is the systematic destruction of the reputations of individual MP’s who have ‘abused’ the expenses system.

What is becoming crystal clear is that whilst MP’s have been exceptionally greedy, and appear not to have considered the consequences of their actions, and indeed their actions highlight that many do not understand the difference between what is right and what is available, that in the majority of cases MP’s were actively encouraged by whips and the fees office to undertake this gross abuse of taxpayers funds.

When the investigation, if they ever do an investigation, into the role of the Fees Office at Westminster what is likely to be found, and covered up, will be that there was a longer term plan to discredit and destroy the authority of Parliament in the public mind.

The public, now whipped up into a frenzy over this, just before local and EU elections are likely to vent their anger at the ballot box by voting for minority parties or not showing up at all.

There will be feigned shock from the Lab/Con/Lib collective, and the cry will go out publicised no doubt by the Telegraph and other media, we do not want these minority parties running Britain in Parliament with such a small number of votes. They will then offer an alternative to the prospect of a BNP government and the current disarray in Parliament, supposedly in order to stop the minority parties from gaining ground, with the BNP and UKIP both clearly in the sights of those who are running this plan.

It will be put to Britain very soon, by a ‘reputable’ organisation, one which espouses progressive politics, most likely a group like Demos or the Convention on Modern Liberty, with the backing of the Conservative Party and LibDem’s, that in order to put an end to all this sleaze, and to take politics ‘nearer to the people’, that the old chestnut of Blairs, ‘Citizens Panels’ be used, but Regional Assemblies will be the way forward. (Labour tried it, but it was too early in the political change process and rejected by the people, so this long elaborate rouse was devised).

Everything else is in place for EU controlled Regional Government. The media organisations BBC and ITV have already reorganised along regional lines, the NHS is already reorganised along regional lines with SHA’s ready to take control, emergency services such as Fire and Ambulance organisations are now run along regional lines, the Army has already been reorganised in the same way (see attachment), the Police has done so unofficially with the help of ACPO, our local government structure has already done so and are currently working into the Regional Development Agencies, who will now give way to the Regional Assemblies.

The Regional Ministers are already appointed, and the EU offices set up (people do not realise just how much effort has gone into the indoctrination of schools and universities, whilst keeping the general population ignorant on EU matters)

Project Destroy Britain is gaining pace, and the minute that we accept Regional Assemblies as the place to undertake our politics rather than Westminster, then Britain has given up the very last of its Sovereignty to Brussels forever. (Don’t forget that Westminster is due to close next year for ‘building maintenance’. If this Regional Assembly plan is adopted, it will never reopen).

What we must remember is that Parliament belongs to us, it is for us to reclaim it, it is for us to use it wisely and properly reform the way in which it works.

If this EU plan works, there will no longer be a National UK Government, we will never have the opportunity to hold a national referendum, nor will there be a UK that will be able to leave the EU.

Any MP that is worth their salt will fight tooth and nail to ensure this EU plan never gets off the ground. In any revolution, and the EU takeover of the UK is a revolution, once the players work has been done, they are expendable.

Today we are seeing just how expendable some of them are, we have seen that with the Bankers, but today MP’s have a chance to redeem themselves. Will they take it or will they let the Telegraph revelations make them completely impotent.

I do not necessarily care about the individual MP’s, most have proven themselves to be greedy and incompetent, but I do care passionately about the offices and positions that they hold, which if we are to have a future in the UK, must be protected at all costs.

UPDATE 1: 15:45 18May:
Here is the first call, this one published on Liberal Conspiracy refers to a call made by Rick Muir of IPPR for a modern version of Charterism, a Charter 88 to undertake Constitutional reform.

LC tell us that Political demand No1 of the new Chartists should be for a Citizens Assembly to re-write the rules of the political game. A Citizens’ Assembly is a body of ordinary citizens selected by lot, like a jury, which is brought together to consider major political issues.
Well, you all know my views on Jury Team. Quite. Divide and Rule.

UPDATE 2: 01:56 19May
Here is the 2nd call for Charter 88, this time by Helena Kennedy QC, member of the House of Lords and former chair of Charter 88 from 1992-1997, and chair of the Power Enquiry 2005-2006, writing in the Guardian,.that bastion of ‘Liberal’ thought, calling for ‘proper funding’ of political parties (which means state/taxpayer funding, a big no-no), more participative democracy and a re-ignition of local government to create new avenues for people to enter the world of politics.
Well, we did warn you….

UPDATE 3: 03:40 19May
This time its Polly Toynbee in the Guardian. Same old, same old, Tony Blair’s original reform plan (yes that did include regional government), quoting Make Votes Count, the Electoral Reform Society, Compass, Unlock Democracy and an array of reformers of many kinds calling for a referendum on PR (not for the EU though), and an elected Lords (thank god we don’t, its the hereditary’s that have saved us thus far from total disaster) and clean party funding. (They really don’t get it do they, its politicians using taxpayers money like water that got us here)

With each new update that I read, the idea that this was planned is becoming so much clearer.


Anonymous said...

Of course, of course. Have a lie down